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A few points of discussion or notice for anyone looking to play a Rhax.

1. Rhax have no manipulators. They can pick things up with their mouths and drop them, but they cannot hold items or interact with some things due to this.

2. Rhax have no innate ability to wear rings or boots due to a lack of hands, feet or paws. This makes obtaining flight difficult as Cloud Cloaks are too small for Rhax to wear without getting them resized by an Aligned. The Willpower (Sahasrara) chakra or Welkin Wing's buff are options. A levitator wild talent would also work, but Rhax are not a psychic race to get easy access to wild talents.

3. Rhax are granted the standard set of demonic abilities.

4. Rhax get access to Webspin and Necrovenom Glob attacks

5. Due to the lack of certain limbs, Rhax are unable to join Lightbringers, OIA, OVG, OZM and Ringwielders.

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