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When I was adding in exits to the maps that I was coding, I had to dig around a little to figure out which rooms to add the new exits to. While I was in Rhen-kai, I had to do a lot of digging. From what I could tell at the time, Rhen'kai looks like an idea was forming, but then was just dropped. There was some notation about a dragon, and the walls of the tower were composed of a special material, and there were a few secret rooms, but overall, not a lot going on. What I got from the intentions there was that it would have a complete guard force based around warriors with some of the more esoteric powers of dragons (no details were forthcoming, but it is something I could run with), and a lot of attention was directed at the dragon tower, with several hints at some political backstabbing going on. No clue what the elephants were for.

Potentially, if someone were to remake it, the keep could be a garrisoned outpost deep in the jungle where the guards are trained in some arcane magickal abilities and gain an affinity for dragonkind. While it may be nominal for a drake to enter into service with a humanoid, there may be repercussions for trying to subject a dragon into servitude (as we found out with the Rangers). There is room for at least three quests in that concept, without including in-association quests, some of which could span across several continents and involve dealing with dragons (for purposes other than outright slaying them for xp) and other arcane entities.

Basically, a lot of potential that was never fully realized. Nothing new for a lot of cities within LS. --Bladestorm 12:32, 15 May 2009 (EDT)

In the tower, there is a jade dragon statue. If you stare at the statue, a jade dragon appears. Be fun to tame if it wasn't so aggro. Back in the day, the path led to the dragon caves. The elephants (and other beasts) were food for the dragons. There were... hmmm. 3-4 different dragons in the caves. That's as far as I ever got with it. Kabal 17:02, 16 May 2009 (EDT)

--Actually I'm not sure about the path (with the animals) leading to dragons, but I know in the suite when you 'push dresser' it used to open up a spot in the wall where you could move north, and there was a shadow dragon inside.-- Crystalline 10/29/2010

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