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Apparently Raridev has been elected to take over the guild in the absence of anyone else who would even care to update the guild. Discussion over ooc shortly after this nomination came up with the following ideas to make the guild less of a sucking black hole of unplayability and alter it enough so that it is no longer a copypasta clone of OZM with different damage types.

Ditch a majority of the attack spells and replace it with a single spell that has four variables -- vector, size, damage type, and target. Vector can be selected from a list (given within the spell help file), with some of the vector having specific effects, such as 'ball' making the attack AoE, or 'spikes' pluralizing the vector and using disjointed limb selection. Size can be a function of the spell rating as far as what sizes are available, and these can also be set up on a macro scale similar to how POEE channel works, so that a 'large' blast by an unskilled user is about the same as a 'small' blast from a master of the spell. Damage type can also come from a list given within the spell help, and generated from the caster's list of skills (basic practitioners would have just fire to begin with, and would add elements, amalgams and blends as they learned more -- this can even use the same criteria as the current separate spells); this would effectively replace the spell bloat while still allowing for a lot of individuality between different magi. Energy costs will also have to be scaled for balance purposes.

Containment sphere spells and the storm effect spells can also be set up as singular spells with a variety of outputs.

Add in a spell that grants a phlogiston attack.

Add in a spell that allows for the resizing/reshaping of flamra armour. At the very least, add in a wider variety of flamra gear.

Add a wider variety of effects for weapon enhancements aside from just Piercing Flame.

More unique utility spells.

In-guild stuff to do.

All of this is easily doable, but will take some time to convert everything. Ask if you need assistance or further input.

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