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In response to the addition reason for the stuff below. Yes, Zrael loads with a different skill set, though I'm unsure if this happens on automaton generation or per reboot.
Someone may want to add WHEN it changes if they can figure it out or a developer feels generous enough. Zrael's skills change with each summon of him -Myrrh

    Zrael hisses, ~%( I can provide instruction in aeroturgy, aging
reversal, alchemy, antagonism, armour lore, artificing, the Bagarguh
language, balance, breath control, the art of calligraphy, carousing,
channeling, chirurgery, the Ci-Xitid language, combat meditation, comedy,
concentration, courage, the use of daggers, dancing, the ability to dodge,
the art of drawing, eavesdropping, eideturgy, entropy resistance, the
equestrian arts, the erotic arts, the ability to escape bonds,
fast talk, fire affinity, forestry, garbology, geoturgy, glaciaturgy,
haggling, the use of hammers, heat affinity, hedonaturgy, history,
imagination, instant stand, jousting, jungle fieldcraft, the Keetieki
language, lack of weakness, lightning affinity, lockpicking, logic, magick
resistance, martial arts, memory, mimicry, musical composition, the
Nilasnai language, order affinity, oxydaturgy, pathophrasty, the Phglek
language, piety, plant lore, poison lore, the use of pole arms, power
direction, power focusing, power tuning, the ability to make a precision
strike, the Quaraak language, quickness, redaction, resilience,
savoir faire, the art of sculpture, sewing, the shan Dareis
language, the shosarra language, the design and construction of
siege engines, skiaturgy, smithing, somatesthesia, space
fieldcraft, spirit lore, stamina, steadiness, streetwise,
playing stringed instruments, the sumerian language, supernal
durability, the use of swords, symbology, telepathy, the Tezhuatl
language, thaumaturgy, theology, thermaturgy, theurgy, vocalization, playing
wind instruments, and the Xhax language. ]\+ at you in harshly-accented
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