The Soulburner Tournament

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On Friday, January 3rd 2020 at the time of 9:00pm EST, the Soulburners' Arena will be available to players to utilize for a short time.

This arena supports a viewing chamber, a healing room, and most importantly a no-death/no-loss style of combat between duelists.

Players should be aware this arena project is still highly experimental, and thus the possibility of things going awry is a real concern. However I will be present to handle any issues that may occur.

If you do wish to participate, your character must be a member of the Soulburner affiliation. You can join Soulburners right before the event starts if paranoid of interference from other players.

I will not be arranging the pairs of duelists and will let players decide if they wish to hold a formal tournament where there is elimination styled matches, or if you just wish to duel each other for no clear winner and just for fun.

The event should run for approximately one hour or until no more players wish to duel.

Please sign your atman name along with the name of the character you plan on participating with below.

Anyone not participating will be permitted to enter the arena area and view duels occurring.

The leaving process for the Soulburner Society association will be temporarily disabled on January 3rd so that players may remove their characters from it after the event concludes.

There is a known bug with the theater extension (a system the viewing chamber uses), where at times when a player has a limb disabled it will produce '%l is disabled' over 'left hand is disabled'. It is nothing to be alarmed about.

Player Signup

Starhound / Laithde

Mafusail / Narzula

Mochi / Sirara

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