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the mouth of a tunnel leading downwards - crystal caves
a desolate plain - lakan
empty air - Corpore Scyros
an aether - "Void"
the void - the Voidier void
a destroyed gate - Terrace
a chaotic void - vanishing tower (sorta)
Limbo Peak
Water Mountain
spheres (microcosms)
outside a small square building
	the donjon's cell

a calm area in the Exoma
	 You see a large round coruscar-set warpstone-rimmed white frosted glass fountain.
	 Eithel Exoma
a floating rock
	field of chaos energy leading to river thethys
portals to gezuun

   a sandy shore - Loch Nether

minor amalgamals, occasionally higher ones
heat amalgmal, fire elemental, eskara amalgamal, cold amalgamal, ice amalgamal, metal amalgamal, shadow amalgamal, 

rhax, pyx, spark dog, erechthiyon, blue slime, loamflage, seryntyll, astreon, storm spirits, willwisps, gifttraeger, sunfish, shlyma, imaginary fish, jing shen, eishund, gleepli, langur??, apagion, therozef

	flying through river tethys walls leads to the exoma?
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