Void Affinity

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Class: Affinity Skills
Attribute: Vitality
Pedagogy: Body Alteration
Practitioner Term: Void Affinite
Antagonistic To: Crystal Affinity
Hidden Skill
This skill represents the infusion of an essence of the amalgam void into the substance of one's body, reducing the harm caused it
and things that partake of its nature, potentially even to the point where exposure becomes restorative.  One further gains the
capacity to store a reserve of amalgamal void energy, in proportion to one's degree of affinity, should one have access to sources
of it.  However, the greater an affinity for void one develops, the more vulnerable one becomes to the amalgam crystal and related

Void affinity can be increased by exposure to void damage or shadow damage, as well as degraded by exposure to crystal damage,
changing more quickly according to one's somatic adaptability.  If one also has crystal affinity, these capabilities will slowly
degrade each other over time.
See Also: void resistance, crystal affinity


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