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This is a marilith with white skin, dark green scales, blonde hair, and
blue eyes.  This near-woman is exotically beautiful, and were it not for her
six arms and massive serpentine tail which she sports instead of legs, you
might consider her one of the most beautiful of the realm.  Her deep red hair
flows loosely around her shoulders and eyes of deep green glare with an
intensity.  Her body is that of a muscular woman, six arms sprouting from her
body, looking both very capable and agile.  Her snake-like tail is massive as
if almost too big for the rest of her, and writhes slowly as if with a life of
its own.  She has a tracery of surging radiance and a webwork of sparkling
light within and around her.
    She looks about twenty and a half dimins tall, seven and thirteen
twentieths dimins wide, and ten dimins front to back.
    She is in good shape.
    She wields an iron flail in her left midhand, an iron battleaxe in her
right midhand, an iron longsword in her lower right hand, Arktakar in her
upper right hand, a steel throwing dagger in her lower left hand, and a
thornwood wand of entropy in her upper left hand.  She wears a large steel
bracer of twining snakes on her upper right arm.
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