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The Chosen of Vashanka, the God of War

Molin asks, <| So, you believe yourself worthy to join the Chosen of Vashanka? |> 
Molin looks you over.
Molin says, <| Well, I am not sure you are fit, but if you have enough money, perhaps.  An initiation tithe of fifteen thousand gold should suffice. |> 
Molin says, <| But he does not allow any of his flock to wield ordinary, unenchanted weapons, or weapons which do not pierce or cut. |> 
Molin says, <| You can leave at any time, but none of the gods of Sanctuary will accept you after that. |> 
Molin exclaims, <| You may worship here and become one of the Chosen of Vashanka! |> 
Molin exclaims, <| Vashanka treats his worshippers well! |> 
Molin says, <| Welcome to the Temple of Vashanka the Storm God. |> 
Vashanka grants each of his worshippers an amulet as a token of
their devotion and strength, through which his worshippers may call upon
his favor according to their stature.  Those who wear the amulet also
gain resistance to some forms of attack.

Vashanka is always seen in magical black and red armour, wielding
very formidable swords in either hand, exuding strength and power.  Vashanka
is known to be the eldest brother amongst the gods of Sanctuary.  He
considers both of his brothers cowards, and discourages association with
their followers.



In order to join the Chosen of Vashanka, you must have at least 11 or more unmodded strength above that which is your racial maximum - this can be from setting it higher during character creation, or developing with attribute points.


The favor of Vashanka seems to come primarily in the form of a bonus to Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity as well as some minor resistances while the amulet is worn.

Bonuses depend on your natural strength, how high it is above your race's minimum strength level, and your courage. The exact formula is unknown, but it seems that raising your strength has a more significant effect.

Items can be sacrificed to Vashanka on the altar in his temple. The command is 'sacrifice (item)' He will accept any weapon, but as yet no benefit has be found from doing this. Volume is not a deciding factor. Will have to be tested with magical weapons. Only one weapon can be sacrificed at a time. Unfortunately, due to some mad developer's sadistic urges, sacrificing items to Vashanka does NOTHING. This has been proven via developer.

Specialty Access

Armour Adaptation +1
Armour Lore       +1
Axe               +1
Brawling          +1
Carousing         +1
Combat Reflexes   +1
Courage           +3
Dagger            +1
Demolition        +1
Dirty Fighting    +1
Discipline        +1
Dodge             +1
Find Weakness     +1
Hardiness         +1
Impact Absorption +1
Intimidation      +1
Killer Instinct   +1
Lack of Weakness  +1
Massive Blow      +1
Massive Exertion  +1
Mounted Combat    +1
Pain Tolerance    +1
Pole Arm          +1
Practice          +1
Precision Strike  +1
Recuperation      +1
Resilience        +1
Shield            +1
Spear             +1
Stamina           +1
Steadiness        +1
Strategy          +1
Subordination     +1
Sword             +1
Tactics           +1
Tenacity          +1
Training          +1
Unarmed Combat    +1
Weapon Lore       +1

Molin says, <| The worship of Athena does not allow the veneration of Ares, so you cannot join the Chosen of Vashanka. |> to you.

Molin says, <| You cannot join the Chosen of Vashanka because you are a healer. |> to you.

Molin says, <| You specialize in scholarship, which is forbidden to Chosens of Vashanka. |>

Molin says, <| You may not worship Vashanka because you are a rogue |> (mostly likely Brotherhood of Wine and Song)

Molin says, <|As a White Maiden of the Coven, you could not become a warrior by joining the Chosen of Vashanka.|> (guess even though Halea says the White Maidens are warriors of the Coven, that is not good enough for Vashanka.)

Molin says, <| You specialize in torture, which is forbidden to Chosen of Vashanka. |> to you.

Molin says, <| You specialize in stealth, which is forbidden to Chosen of Vashanka. |> to you.


Forbids specializing Scholarship, so conflicts with Aisenshi.

OZM can join - it simply de-specs scholarship when you do so.

Sentinels can join, but can't wear the amulet: "You cannot figure out how to adhere your large bright red mithril amulet of storms to your large suit of bronze machinery armour." I still received the specialty access though.

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