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Quest overview for Lost Souls LPMud Written by Bannor on 17 May 1994

Level 5 quest:

The level 5 quest is a storybook quest based on a book about the last unicorn. To solve the quest, players must find a babbling butterfly who after many minutes of listening, tells them to save the unicorns. Continuing past the butterfly along the road, players find themselves temporarily held by a giant female oak tree which falls in love with them. After a temporary custody, players are released and continue to the castle.

Once in the castle, the player must find the princess (who is the last unicorn but under a spell) and tell her to follow them. They then take her to the basement where they find a cat. By petting the cat, the cat gives them hints. They must then search the cupboards to find the empty flask. They continue to the next room where they meet a talking skeleton. The skeleton talks about wine, and if given the flask, will tell players about the red bull.

After this, players may enter the grandfather clock and from there, they just follow the actors until the quest is done.

Level 8 Quest

This quest is much hated by players in general. The object is to catch a murderer in the town of Devnoshire. Players must question witnesses about 5 persons, 5 weapons and 5 locations in order to narrow down their possibilities like the game "clue". When they have narrowed the possibilities down (there are 125 possible), they go to the captain of the guard and tell him their guess. They then go to that location and search. If it is the right guess, they find the murder weapon which they turn into the guard captain. In return, they are given a warrant for the murderer's arrest. They must then track down the murderer who will follow them back to prison where the quest ends with a shout to the mud that they solved the quest.

Level 10 quest

The level 10 quest is a simple maze located in the northern mountains. Players must negotiate many different levels until they find the ancient dragon egg. This solves the quest.

Level 15 quest.

The level 15 quest requires players to find the lost dagger of ameratsu. To do this, players have two options. They can search and find the white shawl and give it to miyu who lives in a house west of lost haven, or they can kill her. Killing her is difficult, but sometimes quicker since the shawl is randomly placed on the mud. After getting the dagger, the player must go to genei castle and give it to the priest of tolmet there. After doing this task, they are thanked and have credit for the quest.

Level 20 quest

Situated in beautiful Camelot, the level 20 quest requires players to become white lords in alignment. The quest starts by hints from the various npc's in camelot. They tell the player to confess, which they can do in the castle to the priest. He sends them on a quest to find a white primrose for elyzabel who is grieving over her lost queen. The primrose can either be found randomly in the northern lands, or is sometimes in northern keep in a flower vase. Once the flower is delivered, they must explore camelot forest. This is inhabited by aggressive trees which attack the player.

After wandering around, the player finally finds an altar and priest in the forest. They can confess there and if they sacrifice an item of value, they can continue on the quest. They must then fight the evil giant nabon and finally reach the grail. They ask permission and the grail follows them. The last step in the quest involves giving the grail to Galahad in Camelot.

Level 23 quest

The level 23 quest is located in Devonshire. Players must solve the sages puzzle. To do this, they must find 5 colored gem stones which are hidden in the areas surrounding the city.

One stone is obtained by killing Bartziluth the ancient red dragon that lives up the tree out of the north gate. The dragon has one of the gems, and also, two items needed in the quest, a ring of water empathy and a undead slayer spear.

Another stone is nearby to the tree. There is a beach west of the tree where a player can swim from. They swim out until the get sucked into a whirlpool. From here after some exploration of the underwater area, they find the merman king and realize that his daughter is missing. They search around and find that she is being held by a giant octopus. Freeing her (ariel the mermaid) allows them to return her to the merman king who gives them the second gem.

The third stone is found outside the east gate in twilight tower. The tower is inhabited by skeletons which the undead slayer spear is very good at killing. Finally, they kill the lich and after searching his room, they find another stone, the morning blade and fiery platemail.

The fourth stone is through the sylvan forest east of the city. By listening to birds, players are led to a shrine where a statue is missing its gem eye. They jump in a pit by the statue and after a search they find the gem eye. If they replace the gem and then go and pray in the basement of the shrine, they are given another gem stone.

The final stone is found south of the city in the old ruins of a fort. The player goes into the downstairs of the ruins and finds an ogre. They must kill the ogre and then they find a piece of rubble. If they search this basement, they find a well with an acid slime in it. By dropping the rubble here, it is dissolved leaving a final gemstone.

When they return to the sage, he gives them the sphere which they must solve as a puzzle. After doing so, they are left with a crystal ball which they give to the sage to finish the quest

Level 25 quest (tinker)

This quest is extremely simple. The player finds the old tinker, and kills him. They get sent to hell for punishment where they wander until they find a bone devil. They kill the bone devil and can then get a ring and leave hell. They finish the quest by giving the ring to the tinker.

Level 25 (unicorn)

This is one of the most difficult quests. Players must save the last unicorn which has been imprisoned as a statue in cloud city.

The quest begins at the losthaven library where players find a book about lost haven history. This tells of three things. A glacier cave, kentaur island and a dagger that can cut anything.

The player must find the dagger which is the flame dagger and is buried deep in the drow caves by the underground lake.

The next step is to go to kentaur island and kill tiamat who lives in a cave under the lagoon. Players must kill a moray eel to get in the cave and also must be neutral to enter tiamat's area. They must then kill tiamat (which is much easier said than done). They find a key after tiamat is dead which goes to somewhere on the mud. (there are several and I do not know them all myself). The key opens a door that allows them to get the magical conch. With dagger and conch, they must purchase glacier climbing tools and after searching the glacier in the northern lands, they find a cave. They enter the cave, kill a remorhaz and find the unicorn horn as a icicle in the cave. Using the fire dagger, they cut if from the ceiling which destroys the dagger.

The icicle melts, so players must hurry and find cloud city. Once there, they place the horn on the statue and blow the horn, bringing the unicorn to life.

Level 28 quest

The level 28 quest is in the Vlekthid caves. Players must find the caves which are near the underground lake in the drow area. Once there, they must climb up the sky bridge and find and kill the nightmaster. Once nightmaster is dead, they get an amulet that allows all languages to be spoken/comprehended. They take this amulet to the other skybridge where they give it to the observer. This frees the observer and the quest is done.

Level 30 quest

The final quest is the power potion quest. In this quest, players must collect various ingredients for erasmus the alchemist who is above lucanius in Discordia.

The first ingredient is purple moss which occurs randomly in the northern lands.

The second is a warpstone from limbo.

The third is a shrubbery which must be gotten by saying ni to john the shrubber in discordia.

The fourth is a ring which is found in the cellar of the old mansion.

The fifth is acid from tiamat. The vial for this is received if a player gives erasmus 35000 coins. They must then go fight tiamat until she breathes acid on them and they can collect the acid.

The sixth ingredient is the potion that is in the sand worm. Players must kill the sandworm and get this potion. After taking all these things to erasmus, he makes them into a power potion. The player drinks the potion which gives them a permanent stat increase and the quest is done.

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