2012 Treasure Hunt, Round 1

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Here's the list of items to be tracked down. They can be turned in at any time prior to Blayhrr 21 03:30 561. That makes this a 24 realtime hour event.

  • acorn
  • arfandas flower
  • beef on weck
  • blue mountain coffee
  • bolt of silk
  • charm of protection from fire
  • cheesecake
  • cinnamon oil
  • crabcakes
  • cryomer shield
  • double espresso
  • dragon breath
  • gimple fruit
  • ginger coffee
  • globe of water
  • handful of sand
  • handful of seaweed
  • honey cake
  • long-stemmed rose
  • mango
  • moonshine
  • mug of lager
  • pink pearl
  • potato
  • pouch of rose petals
  • red vinegar
  • rootbeer
  • rumplemints
  • sail-fungus gruel
  • sea slug
  • sex on the beach
  • wooden spoon

Prizes - to be awarded based upon how many of the items turned in. A higher percentage of turn-ins and more participants may yield multiple selections from the list.

  • orange wheel lotus
  • genie bottle
  • one color change of a physical feature, to a normal colour
  • fulgurim crystal
  • lens of change
  • sporran of holding
  • chronomemetic hourglass
  • rainbow pibrit
  • portable hole

Turn in process

Get Lysator's attention when you have what you think are enough items collected. Please don't try to claim an award after each item found. I'll add the winners to the talk page for the event, and when everything is wrapped up, I'll award the prizes (may take up to 48 hours depending upon individual schedules).

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