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Abvhath Strunthlg

Summary: digestive tract
Plural: Abvhathim
Vorgaal: thirteen
Typical Fungmrul: somewhat low
Required to Know: have at least 40 points among animal lore skill, anatomy skill, and dentistry skill
Required to Flgathl: have at least 80 points among animal lore skill and anatomy skill, and dentistry skill
Efficacy Formula: 10% of dentistry skill plus 10% of metamorphosis skill plus 7.5% of animal lore skill plus 7.5% of anatomy skill,
    with diminishing returns on a scaling factor of five
Fl-n'gathl From: hngaug
Flgath Restrictions: cannot be ng'flgath from a flgath with any other flgathu ng'flgath from it

The abvhath consists of an ingestive orifice at the end of a hngaug and extensive biological apparatus lining the hngaug's interior, enabling one to process foodstuffs in a manner resembling ghaa'ghu metabolism. Though this is far less efficient for ordinary purposes than gh'hlaunadu, some comestibles have benefits that only become apparent when they are digested in this laborious fashion, rather than simply being disassembled at a minute scale. The ingestive orifice can also be reasonably useful in combat.

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