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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


   <{ The Agnihotri }>

       The Agnihotri are the devotional cult of Agni, god of fire.  As a
   sign of his divine favour, Agni allows a portion of his fiery essence to
   pass into his faithful worshippers.

       Agnihotri have a communication channel accessed using the commands
   'agnihotri' and 'assoc'.

Specialization Details

Min  Max  Bon  Specialty
     +2        Breath control
     +2        Centering
     +2        Cold tolerance
     +2        Equilibrium
1    +5        Fire affinity
     +2        Meditation
     +1        Metacreativity (accumulative)
1              Piety
     +2        Showmanship
1    +2        Theology

Riga the priest of Agni in Rukhan can induct you into the Agnihotri as well as train members.

You hiss, \- I wish to devote myself to Agni -/ in beautifully-accented Dethek.

You are now a first-degree specialist in fire affinity and theology.

Riga nods. Riga gestures and swirling flames appear around you, sinking and merging into your body without harming you. Riga says, <{ Be welcome in the cult of the Firelord, black-skinned lea anthrope. }> in Dethek. Riga smiles.

Riga gives an obsidian pin to you with his right hand.

Psykic has become an Agnihotri.

The Agnihotri are not rejoinable.

End of spoiler information.
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