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Along with the numerous guilds on Lost Souls, there are various associations as well. Associations are groups that one can join in addition to a guild. There is no limit to how many associations you can join, but first you must find them. Associations generaly have relatively small requirements and benefits compared to guilds. The The information you have about associations is as follows:

  • The Agnihotri venerate the fire lord, Agni. He is known to accept members into his devotional cult at his temple in Rukhan.
  • Aristeia are warriors of Aristes, devoted to the ideal of heroic deeds. Those seeking to so devote themselves may speak to Homer in the Temple of Aristes.
  • The Attuned have found unshakable serenity, a trait they attribute to a spiritual connection to the island of Hanoma.
  • The Brotherhood of Wine and Song are a group of individuals that extol the virtue of excess. Misguided as they may be, they stand by their mentor, Danilo of Jhan.
  • The Chosen of Vashanka venerate Vashanka, and have devoted themselves to the ways of battle.
  • The Crafty Linguists study under the tutelage of wandering Discordian linguist and diplomat, Janid Suzak.
  • The Cuar Faernae are a elite group of danaan archers, using magick to enhance their capabilities.
  • The Cult of Sacrifice are a small section of individuals who worship Asmodai and wish to bring him to the mortal realm.
  • The Deep Ones are a cult of urlnu who worship fell powers. Little is known about them and still less spoken aloud.
  • The Explorers are a group of adventurers dedicated to documenting the realms of Lost Souls. Those interested in joining should seek out Pryderi the master ranger in Losthaven.
  • The Fianna are a group of warrior-poets who have formed a bond with fae creatures, granting them minor magickal abilities to augment both their combat prowess and abilities with the arts.
  • The Followers of Apollo are said to have a temple to their god of the sun somewhere in Almeria, where those desiring initiation may seek them out.
  • The Gatherers worship Galduron, Lord of Wealth and Commerce. He accepts new followers at his temple in Sanctuary.
  • The Gauric Legion are a loose association of altruists who follow the teachings of the fomor philosopher Gauro.
  • The Ghaunadauri are drow who wish to sacrifice themselves to Ghaunadaur. Those faithful will find his temple in Yathryn.
  • The Glomerates are a group practiced in the powers of the Void. To join you need a certain silver ring.
  • The Haruspices worship Athena. Their divination skills can be obtained by joining in Camelot.
  • The Hellwalkers despise all gods and demons, actively seeking out and destroying them with their own power.
  • The Hethar Karad, a devotional association for Isskarazh, based in Shatterspire.
  • The Kazarzeth are those that have agreed to supply a vampiric weapon the blood it craves, in exchange for the opportunity to use its awesome power.
  • The Losthaven Guard are eager to crack down on the crime running rampant throughout the city.
  • The Maidens of the Spear are desert wanderers; fierce nomads who accept only unmarried women into their ranks.
  • The Mhezlekai are shoggothim that serve the Great Cthulhu.
  • The Stalkers of the Gate report to the Shadow Lord Kalyxes. He promotes neutrality in all things and provides an enchanted amulet to open portals through the planes.
  • The Synodia Lykouros, a formidable society of garou who style themselves the Defenders of Aeda, gather at a glade sacred to their Goddess somewhere in the forests.
  • The Wandslingers use wands with quick and deadly force to police and protect the realms of lostsouls. Clyde wanders and will accept those into his ranks that are familiar enough with wand combat.
  • The Wardens are run by Ashe, the guildmaster of the Losthaven Adventurer's Guild. They are dedicated to assisting neophyte adventurers.
  • The Weapons of Vengeance are glephs who have proven their worth to Lord Xar and so are privileged to serve him, being gifted with a Gezuuni name and a heart rune worked by Xar himself.
  • The Ygellethites worship the Demon Queen of Spiders. Those of her people who seek her will find her in Yathryn.

Defunct Associations

  • The Garbage Thondur assist Hank, the Garbage Thond, by maintaining the level of garbage littering the lands of Lost Souls.
  • The Cult of Decay is a band of worshippers of the foul deity Ugior. To join, visit the Mouth of Ugior.
  • The Touched are followers of Irelun, revelers and drunkards granted psionic powers through mysterious means


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