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Sanctuary is home to many thieves and vagabonds and all manner of odd things. Hidden in the jungle valleys of Quetlatl, this wonderful city is rumored to house many interesting places. In fact, this magickal city is so famous that Vincentio the boatmaster has recently added Sanctuary to his list of destinations.

                10    11-+     12-+
                |     |        |
                X--X--X--X--X--X--X  ?
                |                 |  |     1 large house - Enas Yorl
                X                 X--5     2 adventurer's guild
                |                 |        3 Jubal's slave trade - Jubal the Slavelord
      13--X--X  X                 X--6     4 Crow's nest tavern
          |  |  |                 |        5 The morgue - Kurd the Vivisectionist
      X   X--14 X                 X--7     6 shop of bourne of sanctuary
      |   |     |                 |        7 Chan's Massage Parlor
      15--X--16 X                 X--8     8 Gweneth's Dungeon - Mistress Gwenneth the Dominatrix
          |     |                 |        9
      17--X--18 X                 X        10 Galduron's Temple
          |     |                 |        11 Doppel's temple
    X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X        12 Vashanka's temple
       |        |        |        |        13 Meditation Room
       X        X        X        X        14 Dubro's Armoury
       |        |        |        |        15 Et-Inn
    4  X     3--X        X--1-B-X X        16 Zalzyn's Potion Shop
    |  |        |        |        |        17 Sammy's Smithy
19--X--X        X     2  X        X        18 Masha the Teacher
       |        |     |  |        |        19 The dock - Vincinatio
                                     u           ^
                                     |           |
                                     X        <--N-->
X        Street or unimportant location                                      
[number] A location of interest
+        An area inside a location
B        Basilisk's room
u        up                             Created by Ragarth



Sanctuary is located at (-25, 11, 0) in Quetlatl (Global: (137, -232, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Guilds and Associations

Notable Personalities

Notable Attractions

  • The temples of Galduron, Doppel, and Vashanka.
  • Chan's Massage Parlor
  • The Shop of Bourne of Sanctuary (general store)
  • Sammie's Smithy (weaponsmith)
  • Dubro's Armoury (armoursmith)
  • Harbor
  • Crow's Nest Tavern


  • City alignment:
  • Guards assist: Yes and although they don't swarm, per say, the Hellhounds will start hunting you down within the town walls, including their captain, Tempus, who knows his business.
  • In the magnificent city of Sanctuary one can find things such as:
    • A vivisectionist who can change your race or gender
    • A bazaar, containing stores, a school, and a place of meditation
    • Temples, with perhaps three or more gods from whom to choose to worship
    • A great mage... a warning, don't kill his blind servant and then walk on, you might get a stoney feeling.
    • Perhaps certain mysteries as yet undiscovered -- maybe you'll discover them and be able to write about it... the maze entrance perhaps? Enough from me, let the rest explore and write... - Marcus Shadowweaver, Ingot 14, 515
  • On a recent trip to Sanctuary I noticed that the ban on wielded weapons had been lifted by the government of Sanctuary. This may be tempting to those with murder on their minds, but they should beware. The Hellhounds that guard the city are excellent detectives, and even without any witnesses can identify a killer several days after the crime was commited. -- Goliath, Lorien 8, 751
  • There are also no longer whorehouses there, having been kicked out in favour of Mistress Gwenneth's facility. - Leolla
End of spoiler information.


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