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$ The Gatherers $

All clergy of the mighty god Galduron, Lord of Wealth and Finance, have the common attribute of an overwhelmingly precise understanding of the principles of value and fiscal policy. In line with these traits, Galduron grants his priests the use of an interdimensional portal to the vault of the Temple of Galduron in Sanctuary. The portal takes the form of a golden hoop, which allows Gatherers can place items within and thereby transport them to the vault, where the divinity of Galduron will transmute them directly into their proper value in gold coins. See 'help hoop' for details.

In order to maintain the favor of Galduron, all priests must maintain a certain level of value either in the bank or on their person, in the form of both coinage and the value of carried objects. Those who fail to maintain the favor of Galduron in this manner will be stricken with illnesses as the ailments of their finances are reflected in their bodies and spirits.

Lastly, Gatherers may perform religious devotions for others, known simply as 'banking services', and use the sacred litanies of Galduron to withdraw gold from or desposit gold into Galduron's divine realm. For additional details, see 'help banking services'.

Induction Text

   You purr, ~/ I wish to devote myself to Galduron \~ in lyrically-accented Anglic.
   You are now a second-degree specialist in finance and ownership. [event logged]
   Krassus nods approvingly at you.
   Krassus says, $ Welcome to the Gatherers, wealthy one. $
   Krassus gives you a large gold hoop.

help hoop

   The magical hoop you carry as a symbol of your devotion to Galduron will respond to the following commands:
 $ l<ook> in hoop $
   shows the contents of Galduron's Vault within the hoop
 $ get/take <item(s)> from hoop $
   retrieves something from the vault or hoop
 $ put <item(s)> in hoop $
   puts something inside the hoop to be transferred to the vault

The Vault is shared by all Gatherers. As noted in change #6755, worthless items will be deleted when placed in the Vault. Also, artifacts and kept items will not be transmuted to gold.

help start banking services

   Gatherer Service Activity
Usage: start providing banking services
   Causes you to begin providing banking services.  While providing banking services, you will operate as a banker 
   and allow others to deposit or withdraw currency into savings accounts as well as being capable of opening or 
   closing such accounts.  Other characters may use the 'info' command on you to see syntax and other OOC 
   See Also: show providing banking services, stop providing banking services, switch providing
   banking services, report providing banking services

Specialization Details

Min Max Specialty

     +2        Appraisal
2    +5        Finance
     +2        Gem Lore
     +2        Haggling
2    +5        Ownership
     +2        Piety

Restrictions and Notes

  • Valere buzzes, 'I always get in successfully with 50k in the bank.'
You buzz, 'I wish to devote myself to Jinx' in chitteringly-accented Anglic.
The priest of Jinx says, $As a Verynvelyr, you could not become a seeker of gold by joining the Jinxian Plutocracy.$ to you.

Change #6439
Galduron's Vault (also known as the place where things go when Gatherers put them in the hoop) now transforms objects into wealth automatically when they are placed in the vault. Caution should be taken not to place things in the hoop that you want to continue existing as things other than gold coins. The amount of gold produced by this effect is, on average, roughly what you would get from selling the items to an indifferent vendor with moderate parity in one's respective haggling skills (ie a roughly average amount relative to what is possible for an expert haggler/trader).

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