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This is a male human with brown skin, black hair, and gray eyes. Kurd the Vivisectionist is a small man, almost petite in stature. Although he is small, his ambitions are large. His medical techniques are not only disdained by more legitimate physicians, but are openly held in disgust. He has a tracery of sparkling light within and around him. He looks about fifteen and a half dimins tall, four and nine tenths dimins wide and one and a quarter dimins long. He is in good shape.
  • Info
One can solicit several advanced, if risky, chirurgical services from Kurd.
Say 'change my sex to <sex>' to request a sex change.
Say 'change my race to <race>' to request transmigration into a body of a new race.
Say 'change my <material> to <color>' to have a bodily material such as your skin, hair, eyes, scales, and so on replaced with a new color.
Say 'reattach my <limb>' to have a severed limb reattached -- or simply drop the limb. (Someone other than the person to whom the limb belongs can carry and drop it for them.)
Say 'replace my <limb>' to have a missing limb replaced with one from the morgue. Be aware that it is much safer to have your own original severed reattached!
You can also request information about the cost of these operations; for example, 'what would it cost to change my sex to male?'.

  • Notes
    • Kurd's shop is one of the easiest ways to gain access to many of the races that are non-selectable from character creation.
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