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Kurd will need body/parts of the appropriate race for chirurgery:

  • To change skin color or gender, you need body/parts of the same race and of the same color or gender you wish to change to.
  • To have limbs replaced, you need parts of the same race. [How about related races such as dana and quess?]
  • To change your race, you will need a body of the new race you wish to become (of the sex you want!)


  • When changing race, your new race has to be within 7 assimilativity of your current race. Furthermore, going from a high-assimilativity race to a lower one may require an additional experience buffer (eg. level 50 kobold > level 50 bogual requires +16 levels in kobold for it to work, but upon becoming a bogual, the incarnos would still be level 66.) (Both are true. The ratio between assimilativity and levels is 1:5. -- Reden) It seems this was removed as of ??? An Amberite could shift to duergar, a whole 19 assimilativity difference. Or perhaps, it's the contrary of the above mentioned principle: you can shift at level 1 to basically anything you want because Amberites have -20 assimilativity?
  • Some races, typically psionic races like kedeth, advenus, or svirf, may be "psychically incompatible."
  • At incarnari (creation) you may incarnos into a Great/er race if you have any incarnoi that have reached such heights. But Vivi is different in that existing incarnos must meet given level requirements before they may Vivi into such other race.


Some races, due to their physical [or mental?] composition, have further vivisection restrictions. These include:

  • Nylocs - Cannot use any vivisection services. "I can only work on flesh and blood creatures."
  • Aethoss - Cannot change race, due to not having brains. Supposedly able to use limb replacement without danger of negative attribute adjustments, but this is frustrated (last confirmed around Aug. 10, 2010) by the need for a limb, where Aethoss leave only sticks when they lose limbs.
  • Shapeshifters can't shift race. "I'm sorry, Menessas, but you are not capable of metempsychosis."



Kurd can fuck-up chirurgeries with catastrophic results.


[This is supposed to be a list of factors; I've put my uneducated speculations in italics. This needs to be updated.]


[List of what can happen when Kurd screws up.]

  • Scarring - Kurd's services tend to cause scarring, even when successful.
  • Accidental neutering.
  • Permanent negative attribute modifiers (Morgana got -2 Dex and -1 Str from having a foot replaced). It's rare, but it does happen. (Only happens with limb replacement, not limb reattachment.)
  • Unwanted body-part colors.

If Kurd doesn't happen to have a corpse of the sex you were, he will inform you of this after the chirurgery:

  Kurd states, ' Operation successful.  Incidentally, I didn't have any male
invae bodies available, so I gave you a hermaphrodite one.  Hope that's all
right. '
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