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Attribute adjustments are visible in the attribute development table using the appropriate show command. They are permanent modifiers to a character's attributes that grant specialty points, and are not subject to diminishing returns like invested development points. The following are the known methods of obtaining attribute adjustments.

  • Identity reevaluation via Vivisection, Warpstone, or Ugior Curse (don't pray at this guy's altar, he's not nice) will add some positive and negative adjustments, with a higher likelihood of negative adjustments, likely mitigated by luck.
  • Thanatic trauma (death) has an extremely rare chance to add negative adjustments.
  • Neural Colonization (from eating vlekthid and gogtzul brains) will add positive int adjustments, they are also a source of talents, and permanent mental disorders. Dispelling the disorders will often also dispel the adjustments that they brought with them, but a maximum of +10 int can be stably obtained without serious (known) side effects. (up to +10 is maximum)
  • Pzyruxal sphere gems, when tapped, will shatter and grant a temporary buff to one of their relevant attributes. They also have a very small chance of granting a +1 attribute adjustment. The chance of getting an attribute adjustment scales up with luck, but down with number of adjustments acquired from previous gem taps (tracked independently by attribute). Anecdotally, these bonuses cap out at +10 to each attribute, getting all attributes this high will take hundreds, if not thousands of gems.
  • Traveler bestowals for guild members include incremental positive adjustments adding up to an eventual +9 to each attribute, these adjustments are not available to non-guild members, and will be reverted upon leaving the guild. (In other words, -10 to all stats. Oddly enough, in a test character, 2 stats were -5 only).
  • Some cards from the Deck of Changes can add positive or negative adjustments.
  • Mindtrauma tea is a decommissioned item which had various side effects up to and including int adjustments
  • Executing accurate confessions while being a member of the Pantarchic Church of Yehovah will eventually remove negative adjustments and bring you to +10 in every attribute.
  • It is rumored that Aeda bestows her followers with positive adjustments on very rare occasions while in her service, but only if their total attribute adjustment is currently in the negatives. (These actually are very rare. I never got even one...)
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