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The Aedarene are a group of priests who worship and do the bidding of Aeda, the Earthmother.


Guild Helpfile

   -%) The Aedarene (%-
       You are one of the Aedarene, a devoted worshipper of Aeda who has been entrusted with her
   grace and a small fraction of her power.
       Aeda the Earthmother, the goddess of life and healing, has heard your supplication to aid
   in her work and has chosen you to be one of her favored instruments upon Aedaris.  Blessed by
   her grace, it is your joyous duty to carry out her will in the world of mortals, bringing life
   and healing to those who need it and pruning the garden of the world of those weeds which
   infest it wheresoever you may find them.
       The Aedarene are different from most other priests and magi in that they are not merely
   granted the ability to request divine actions from Aeda, but are instead directly invested
   with small portions of her power.  Through heartfelt prayer to Aeda and rigorous study of her
   tenets, the Aedarene receive benisons of Aeda's grace which fill their bodies with holy
       This energy can be spent to create magickal effects in the mortal world, manifesting
   Aeda's divine will through acts of one's own willpower.  These acts, known as "benisons", are
   specific and rigorously defined effects that Aeda entrusts to her clergy, provided that She
   judges them both worthy and capable of controlling the forces required to produce the
   benison's effects.  The ritual of prayer to Aeda performs a critical role in the process; type
   'help benisons' for more information.
       The Aedarene are also blessed by Aeda with the additional minor power to communicate
   regardless of distance or language via the 'aedarene' communication channel.


The Aedarene guildhall is in the Temple of Aeda. The guild master is Phyrra.

To join, say "I pledge myself to Aeda" in Anglic, or any other language she might know.

You are now a first-degree specialist in goetic investiture (Bonus), invocation, piety, and theurgy.

1 WIL, 2 EGO


Other gods: Hethar Karad, Vashanka

Evil: WoV

The Ritual of Prayer to Aeda

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

The command 'perform ritual of prayer to Aeda' prompts a sentence completion mini game. Random verses from the guild's hymnbook are presented, where the final word must be subvocalized.

  • Example:
    O Aeda, we sing praises to you, who is the voice of the...
    the correct command would be 'subvocalize trees'

The prayer will time out in a failure state if you do not complete any of the verses correctly.
The prayer will time out in a partial win state if you complete one or more verses correctly.
The prayer will end in a win state if you complete all of the verses correctly.

successful completion of verses replenishes goetic energy

End of spoiler information.


        Those faithful who have been granted the honour of being invested with Aeda's power have
   the capability to bring forth expressions of Aeda's will into the mortal world, via a process
   known simply as 'benisons'.  This process is twofold: first, the Aedarene performs the ritual
   of prayer to Aeda.  By reciting Her mantras and focusing on their worship of Her, the
   supplicant is filled with an infusion of grace directly from the Goddess Herself, empowering
   them with goetic energy.
       Second, the supplicant uses such energy to will benisons within the limits of what
   expressions of power Aeda has granted to the supplicant.  Although Aeda's repertoire of
   benisons granted to Her clergy is vast, the direct nature of control over the power unleashed
   renders the instrument, rather than Aeda Herself, responsible for controlling and directing
   the forces involved.  As a result, Aeda bestows and withdraws access to benisons on a
   case-by-case basis, judging an individual's worthiness and capability with a particular
   benison based on their skills and behavior.  Aedarene who master a challenging skill or
   complete a heroic act may find themselves empowered by Aeda to perform greater benisons than
   the rank-and-file of Her clergy.
       Some advanced benisons require energies other than standard goetic energy, but through
   Aeda's grace these energies can be transubstantiated directly from goetic energy if the
   supplicant's stores of the desired energy are insufficient.  The greater the supplicant's
   skill in transmuting these energies, the more efficient the conversion will be.
       [ OOC Note: Benison processes are case-sensitive where the name of Aeda is concerned -- it
   is considered improper to refer to Her with lower-case letters, and benison invocations which
   do not properly capitalize Her name will generally be ignored by Her will.  In order to limit
   failed invocations, it is recommended that you designate aliases for the process of willing
   your benisons.  Type 'help set alias' for more information. ]

Benison Types

       The benisons granted by Aeda to her clergy are generally categorizable by type of effect
   produced when the benison is willed.  Most benisons of the same type use similar types of magickal
   or otherwise specialized knowledge, meaning that most Aedarene will tend to specialize in one or a
   small number of types of benison.  These specializations become increasingly pronounced with the
   higher-tier benisons, which can require near-total devotion to a particular school of study for
   Aeda to deem the supplicant worthy of being entrusted with such powers.
       The benison types known to you are cure, enchant creature, heal, summon creature, summon
   effect, and teleport.
       Cure:  Benisons of this type typically enact a curative influence upon a specified creature --
   specifically, the removal of a negative influence or condition.
       Enchant Creature:  Benisons of this type typically place a magickal effect or enchantment upon
   a living creature, which can be either beneficial or detrimental in nature.
       Heal:  Benisons of this type typically heal physical or spiritual harm to an individual,
   restoring health and life up to and including the resurrection of the deceased.
       Summon Creature:  Benisons of this type typically conjure a living creature, which generally
   regards the summoner positively.  Such creatures may be temporary or permanent in nature, and may
   be either summoned from another location or wholly created anew.
       Summon Effect:  Benisons of this type typically conjure a magickal effect, which persists
   independently of its creator's will.  Such effects may be transient or instantaneous, but may also
   be temporary or permanent in nature, and may have a large variety of potential functionalities.
       Teleport:  Benisons of this type typically teleport a creature or object, most often the
   benison's creator, to another location.  This teleportation may be instantaneous or circuitous,
   depending upon the nature of the teleportation effect and the distance or trajectory of the
   teleportation path.


The command to advance in rank is saying, "I submit myself for promotion" while you're at Phyrra.


The base maximum time between promotions assuming you already meet requirements is 3 days per rank, which can be reduced by "Gaining Aeda's Favour," a.k.a. killing undead and healing/curing people with the "Light of Aeda" and similar benisons. This reduction increases the more often you get the message, but based on diminishing returns. The more often you get favor, the greater total reduction, so go out there and GET THAT FAVOUR!

Aedarene Promotion Info Dump from Marcosy

Quest Requirements:

Rank 2 (Celebrant): At'lordrith's Riddle, 3 days of devotion

Rank 3 (Hierophant): Remedios's Tree, 6 days of devotion

Rank 4 (Elder): Slay the Crimson Druid, 9 days of devotion

Hymnbook Text

       The writing is in Anglic, and reads:
O Aeda, we sing praises to you, who is the voice of the trees

As the earth of the world is your flesh, so are we your hands

As the air of the world is your breath, so are we your words

As the waters of the world are your blood, so are we your pain

O Aeda, we sing praises to you, who is the bones of the world

Though your work is dangerous, we shall not fear

Though your tasks are difficult, we shall not shirk

Though your edicts are firm, we shall be gentle

Though your will is eternal, we shall strive to live freely

Through your patience, we are made worthy of your grace

Through your wisdom, you safeguard us from our ignorance

Page Two:
Through your kindness, you forgive us our failings

O Aeda, we sing praises to you, who is the kiss of the wind

From the East, I seek the lessons of childhood

From the South, I seek the ways of questioning

From the West, I affirm my responsibility and duty

From the North, I look for the strength of balance

O Aeda, we sing praises to you, who is the embrace of the ocean

In life, we are given grace

In living, we are given purpose

In dying, we nourish those who follow

As you are, so shall we ever be, together as a spiral

Page Three:
From the first day to the last, while the world remains

Divine Gifts

Upon reaching the rank of Elder, the 'you sense Aeda is pleased with your actions' message has a chance to be accompanied by one of the following effects:

1: Grace Refill. Aeda will refill your reserves of goetic energy for free, so you can keep healing your heart out. (or pounding those undead abominations)

2: EXP. this can be anywhere between a little exp (10k at level 66) to a LOT of exp (110k+ at level 60)

3: Buffs. Aeda wants you to keep going! +250 to all specified stats. lasts for a *long* time.

4: Lives. Aeda wants you to not stay dead! you get a life.

5: Attributes. Aeda wants you to keep improving! you get PERMANENT ATTRIBUTE MODIFIERS.

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