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Class: Scholarly Skills
Attribute: Intellect
Pedagogy: Procedural
Practitioner Term: Linguist
The study of the structure and properties of language, especially as various languages compare to one another.  This skill aids
one's overall language comprehension.
Development Information: The linguistics skill was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last
updated Thu Mar 03 02:17:54 2016.


  • Increases capacity for emotive energy


Wanders: Nashik
Wanders: Pierce
At'lordrith's Cave: At'lordrith
Imptropolis: Implicated *May Only Train Imps*
Leah's Hill: Arvan the Keeper
Losthaven: Miss Amelia
Ranthos: Bias
Sanctuary: Masha
Shatterspire: Catharion
Shakari: Shayla
Stillwater: Miss Carline
Temple Bloodmoon: Keiko
tlaxcala: Axton
Togrek: Hobarth
Xintatlaa: Salestra
Wanders Libraries: Armitage
Association required:
Brotherhood of Wine and Song: Danilo Thann
Crafty Linguists: Janid Suzak Wanders
Guild required:
Ordo Ignis Aeternis: Flizera
Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris: Aerina
Quest required:
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