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Guild Help

You are a member of Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris, a cabal of magi attuned to meteorological energies.

Like all magi, you require a handful of esoteric skills that will allow you to manipulate the arcane, as well as a deep reserve of spiritual energy. In addition to these skills and energies, you will use several techniques and power stores unique to your order.

Your primary style of spell usage is aeroturgic. While many factors affect the weather, the atmosphere is the medium in which those factors combine with the most dynamism and fungibility. Elemental air energy is thus of great value to a Frater Zephyrius Mutatoris.

Underlying the patterns of the atmosphere is raw chaos, and it is incumbent upon you to reflect this chaos within your spirit. This will both allow you to better manipulate and draw out the deepest mysteries of the weather, and give you a valuable ethos by which to live your life. The universe, like the weather, is fickle, and it takes a certain acceptance and transmission of its fickle nature in order to harmoniously express and manifest one's most personal self. (More on this below.)

Overlaying the patterns of the atmosphere is electricity, the highest and most intense form that the weather takes. Electricity is the fuel for the most powerful and dangerous of your spells.

These three things -- elemental air, chaos, and electricity -- serve as fuel that you can use to manipulate and resonate with any number of natural phenomena. Almost as many of us find comfort in a life at sea as one in the clear skies; some prefer the starry night, others a tempestuous storm. Precipitation is commonly manipulated by the Frater Zephyrius Mutatoris, but there have been those that could call upon fiery heat of the desert, or the lensing effects of water droplets, or even the atmospheric vacuum of deep space.

As mentioned a moment ago, a certain type of chaotic ethos is central to your spellcasting prowess. This does not mean that you must be a prancing fool (after the fashion of Discordians) or rampantly destructive (after the fashion of most adventurers) -- though some of us have been those things. It means rather that you must strive to maintain a certain degree of independence and spontaneity within you. As the weather emerges as a system in its own right out of a confluence of forces, so the Frater Zephyrius Mutatoris must always strive to be more than the sum of his surroundings; he must always bring something new and uniquely himself to every situation.

While most of our order are wanderers, and while there is no official hierarchy within the cabal, a certain degree of civility is expected among its members. The cabal recognizes that this is rather difficult, as its Magi tend to be strong personalities. Nonetheless, the egregore that you use is maintained by the strength of the ethos that you follow and the energies that you command collectively within your spirits. With inner strife, our magicks are be weakened.

Joining the Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

In Tetlacana, at coordinates 7, 39, 0 there is an exit "in" to the guildhall.

The guildmaster is Torlira, a female aviar. If you wish to join the Order of Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris, say 'pledge me to Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris'. To leave them, say 'I renounce Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris'.

The OZM is a chaotic neutral guild. This means that you CANNOT level up unless you are chaotic neutral, or very close to it.

Torlira quietly intones, ~* As a Stalker of the Gate, you could not become a proponent of chaos by joining Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris. *~ to <§>  
                            Arcane  <§> .

Torlira told me I could not join because literacy too low at 40. It seems to require anything over 40. Joined successfully at 41 and 44.


If you have left the Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris, there is a 4 month wait before you are able to rejoin.

Required and bonus specialties

                 Bonus    Min
Air Affinity               1
Aeroturgy                  1
Arcane lore        1
Centering          1       2
Enochian                   1
Equilibrium        1       2
Introspection      1
Legerdemain                1
Literacy           1       2
Memory             1
Prestidigitation           1
Scholarship        1
Wyrding            1

So that's 3 intellect, 1 vitality, 2 willpower, 2 agility specialties.

End of spoiler information.


Aerina is available in the guildhall for training.


Before any spells may be cast, you must enter into the proper mental state for hermetic spellcasting, forming a mental link with the magickal forces they wish to wield. For members of Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris, this link is called a ventus -- a mental approximation of the chaotic flows of the winds. To initiate your ventus, simply visualize a chaotic swirl of air forming a serpentine rune. To dismiss your ventus, concentrate on withdrawing your connection to the winds.

The spells of Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris involve evocation processes of varying sorts, but they all begin by incanting the spell's name, followed by the target (if any), in the Enochian tongue. Some spells have additional requirements, such as material components or an environs with respirable air. These will be noted in each spells help file.

The syntax for casting spells is 'cast <spell name> [on <target> | with <component> | using <argument> | without <spell step>]'. See Spellcasting for detailed information.

Your rating for any spell step is determined by a weighted average of certain attributes and skills, listed in the help file. You must have a certain minimum rating (also listed) into order to cast the spell at all, and every point above that rating will increase the effectiveness and decrease the energy cost of the spell. Exactly how much it's decreased depends on the difficulty of the spell step -- ordinary steps will go down to about half of the base rating, while more difficult steps will go down by only a small fraction.

Spells do not have endurance cost, except when cast in combat. The amount of extra energy it takes to cast a combat spell is determined by one's skill at legerdemain.

Almost all combat spells require you to aim them and can potentially be dodged; your attack rating with these spells is determined by your wyrding along with the relevant magickal control skills (such as aeroturgy and elektraturgy) and their mother attributes.


To cast a spell, simply type "cast <spell name>". One specifies targets with the preposition "on", and specifies components with the preposition "with", lastly one specifies spell arguments using the preposition "using".

Certain steps in spellcasting are optional and can be skipped. Skipping a step will tend to make casting the spell more difficult and more energetically expensive. However, it results in the spell being faster to cast, and can indirectly aid in the spell being cast by skipping steps that involve magickal skills with which one is less practiced. To skip spellcasting steps, use the preposition "without".

The order of the prepositions matters: first specify targets, then components, then spell arguments, then skipped steps.

To get a description of the steps one uses to cast a spell, set the "verbose spellcasting" depiction to on. This will also give you an indication of how well one is managing the spellcasting process.

For most spellcasting steps it is possible to fumble the spellcasting process if one's relevant magickal skills and their mother attributes are insufficient to manage even a skeleton of the correct procedure. The effects of fumbling vary, but typically involve one being overwhelmed by the type of energies involved in controlling that spell step, resulting in damage to one's body and spiritual energy reserves. For example, if one fumbled Taxos Anemou, a spell involving aeroturgy, one would receive elemental air damage that affected both one's body and spirit. Skipping spellcasting steps makes the spell more difficult to control and thus makes fumbling more likely.


Currently incomplete

 /---------------------------------- Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris Spell Summary ----------------------------------\
| Spell                   Summary                              Common Name             Spell Type            |
| Anemos Chaos            chaoswind area attack                Chaoswind               area of effect attack |
| Astrape Serpentina      sorcerous chain lightning attack     Serpentina's Lightning  area of effect attack |
| Epombria                water area attack                    Torrential Rain         area of effect attack |
| Procella                clinging, shredding air area attack  Squall                  area of effect attack |
| Concalo                 extradimensional spirit conjuration  Summon                  conjuration           |
| Convocatione Vocabunt   gather existing summons              Call Summons            conjuration           |
| Eiri Psyche             manifest benevolent rainbow spirit   Rainbow Butterfly       construction          |
| Aemophthoria            elemental air attack                 Wind Blast              directed attack       |
| Aemophthoria Heremites  desert wind attack                   Desert Wind Blast       directed attack       |
| Aemophthoria Skia       umbral wind attack                   Umbral Wind Blast       directed attack       |
| Aither                  clinging vacuum attack               Rarified Aether         directed attack       |
| Anemostrophos           sorcerous wind attack                Tornado                 directed attack       |
| Astra                   magickal attack                      Magick Dust             directed attack       |
| Astrape                 lightning attack                     Lightning Bolt          directed attack       |
| Astrape Chaos           chaos-infused lightning attack       Chaos Lightning         directed attack       |
| Astrape Skia            umbral lightning attack              Umbral Lightning Bolt   directed attack       |
| Brontema                thunder attack                       Thunderclap             directed attack       |
| Krios                   break door                           Ram                     directed attack       |
| Magicae Iaculum         mana attack                          Magick Dart             directed attack       |
| Pneuma Kokusasa         shrieking wind attack                Shrieking Gale          directed attack       |
| Spinthar                elemental air attack                 Seeker Spark            directed attack       |
| Epistasis               end one's enchantment                Disenchant              dispell               |
| Scientia de Ventis      identification                       Knowledge of The Winds  divination            |
| Tropos                  orientation                          Direction of The Winds  divination            |
| Aer Vincula             constraints of reified air           Scithial Bonds          enchantment           |
| Aggelopteros            magickal wings                       Welkin Wings            enchantment           |
| Allevo Sarcina          load bearing boost                   Lighten Load            enchantment           |
| Anastrape               electrical protection                Lightning Ward          enchantment           |
| Animo Creui             psychic protection                   Mind Maelstrom          enchantment           |
| Apportation             using the winds to move objects      Apportation             enchantment           |
| Auge                    multifaceted sensory enhancement     Sunlit Senses           enchantment           |
| Caelum Furia            resilience/ruthlessness boost        Skyfury                 enchantment           |
| Eidos Anemou            invulnerability                      Essence of The Wind     enchantment           |
| Electrica               electrical contact damage            Electrification         enchantment           |
| Exokeanismos            multifaceted protection charm        Sea's Blessing          enchantment           |
| Hekros Anemou           protective wind barrier              Wall of Wind            enchantment           |
| Mollis Laevitas         order/earth/cold resistance          Resilient Volatility    enchantment           |
| Mousike Animou          thunder protection                   Windsong                enchantment           |
| Nepheleidon             anorganic, cloud-like state          Cloud Form              enchantment           |
| Ploion                  wingless flight                      Drift                   enchantment           |
| Pneuma                  respiratory replenishment            Breath of Air           enchantment           |
| Taxos Anemou            burst of speed                       Wind Speed              enchantment           |
| Torpor                  analgesia                            Numb                    enchantment           |
| Typhos                  physical/elemental protection        Fog                     enchantment           |
| Rheumatizon             weather energy infusion              Channel Currents        energy channeling     |
| Colligentes Venti]      gradual energy accumulation          Gather Wind             energy collection     |
| Pneuma Psyche           rejuvenation                         Breath of Life          healing               |
| Pneuma Nymphikos        hasten weapon                        Sylphic Pulse           item enchantment      |
| Vehi Ventis             teleportation                        Ride the Winds          teleportation         |
| Concelo                 extradimensional interference        Shroud                  weather modification  |
| Electrica Tempestas     mobile storm area attack             Electrical Storm        weather modification  |
| Noctilucent Caligo      visibility enhancement               Noctilucent Mist        weather modification  |
| Phlogeos                increase atmospheric combustibility  Dephlogisticate Air     weather modification  |
| Zephyrus                restorative atmospheric effect       Zephyr                  weather modification  |
Currently known old spells that are missing:
feather mantle  armour encumbrance reduction
osprey's call  avian charm
 thunderforge  mass weapon electrification


Storm Walkers are warriors, so you are barred from joining.

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