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Class: Telesmic Channeling Skills

Attribute: Willpower
Pedagogy: Procedural
Practitioner Term: Aeroturge
Related Skills:
  Achlaturgy:   moderately related
  Ektilaturgy:  moderately related
  Elektraturgy: moderately related
  Typhaturgy:   moderately related
  Cryoturgy:    somewhat related
  Keraunaturgy: somewhat related
  Lumiturgy:    somewhat related
  Skotaturgy:   somewhat related
  Skiaturgy:    marginally related
Hidden Skill
The skill of creating magickal effects involving the element of air.  Such effects are usually, though not always, achieved through
See Also: evocation, achlaturgy, ektilaturgy, elektraturgy, typhaturgy, cryoturgy, keraunaturgy, lumiturgy, skotaturgy, skiaturgy


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