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  • Location: Gezuun - Level 3
  • Look
      This is a female dryad with burgundy bark, crimson leaves, and emerald eyes. Her bark is
incredibly smooth, and her leaves cascade around her beautiful face in an extremely alluring
sensuality. This is Sandrella, known to some as the Crimson Druid. A dryad who developed a
taste for the blood of sentient creatures after taking a grisly revenge upon the humans who
damaged her tree, Sandraella was banished to this place by her fellow fae creatures for her
transgressions against the natural order. Though her bloodthirst and general casual cruelty
towards mortals make her unpredictable socially, her mastery of natural magicks, as well as those
of blood and life, are truly impressive. She is permeated by a dim auroric radiance. She has a 
few thin whisps of surging radiance and a webwork of sparkling light within and around her.
   She looks about seventeen and a half dimins tall, four and nine tenths dimins wide, and one and a fifth dimins front to back.  
  • Info
  Sandraella is an instructor and responds to the following verbal commands:
   Availability inquiry: Sandraella, what magicks will you teach me?
   Cost inquiry:         Sandraella, what would a lesson in <subject> cost?
   Instruction request:  Sandraella, teach me <subject(s)>.
  Sandraella was created by Marcosy; the source code was last updated Fri Nov 28 11:38:51 2014.
  The dryad race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Wed Jul 02 14:08:00 2014.
  • Trains
 plant lore
  • Notes

She was found on the third level of Gezuun next to a tranquil pool of blood.

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