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-= Questors of Axa =-

     You hiss, <[ enlissst me with the Quessstorsss of Axa ]> in harshly-accented Anglic.

     You are now a first-degree specialist in chaos resistance, discipline, invocation, law, order affinity, piety, and subordination. [event logged]
     The black-skinned anthrope intones, =Welcome to the Order, Scatha.  May justice light your path.=
     The black-skinned anthrope gives you a gold amulet of Axa reverently.

Total spec requirement is: 4 WIL, 1 EGO, 1 INT, 1 PER

Granted Spec Access
Skill Spec
Antagonism 2
Artillery 2
Brawling 2
Carousing 1
Concentration 2
Courage 2
Discipline 7
Exaltation of Law 8
Firefighting 2
Fortitude of Law 5
Invocation 7
Law 5
Lexiturgy 5
Literacy 2
Piety 5
Subordination 5
Sword 2
Tactics 2
Theology 2
     "There is something noble in the spirit of a man who will fight for order."
     Father Jonathan the Grand Justicar of Axa
 The questors of Axa are a militant sect who venerate Axa the Lawbringer, goddess of justice and
 law.  They range across the realms of Aedaris and beyond, fighting to bring order to mortal
 existence.  They do not stand alone.
     Axa Herself aids Her questors in battle against the minions of chaos.  Axa's aid does not come
 without price, however -- questors of Axa are forbidden from violating Axa's code, which prohibits
 the worship of any deity of chaos.  Additionally, A questor's nature must remain ordered, or Axa
 will withhold Her aid.  Lastly, for Axa to grant any of Her favors, a questor must display their
 faith in Her at all times by wearing Her amulet.
   See Also: questor powers


The tan-skinned anthrope intones, =You cannot join the Questors of Axa because you are a 
hedonist.= to you.
Father Jonathon intones, =You cannot join the Questors of Axa because you are a drunkard, a hedonist, and a libertine.= to
Father Jonathon intones, =You cannot join the Questors of Axa because you are a practitioner
of deception.= to you.
Axa doesn't like quitters. If you try rejoining too soon after leaving, Jonathon will tell you she hasn't forgiven your 
insult yet. (Currently not sure what the time period is. Been 2-3 rl months since I quit)
Offering items to Eris while a Questor will caused Axa to greatly disapprove. You'll get one warning before
being stripped of Questor status. Also, if you go back to the altar of Axa in Jhan afterwards, this happens:
The golden-skinned male human incants, =I told you to never return, Meront!=
The golden-skinned male human attacks you.
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