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     "...And upon the gathered masses fell the light of order, and routed were the enemies of the
 balance.  Then, 'Behold!', spake a voice from the heavans, 'Before you flee the beasts of chaos. 
 Rejoice in the word of your Lady.' And the voice was Axa and the people did rejoice..."
     Excerpt from the 'Book of Light', holy book of the order of Axa

     the Lawgiver aids Her questors in many ways.  The first is through a strengthening of the
 body, which lasts so long as the questor remains pious.
     Second, Axa provides the ability to communicate over vast distances to Her questors, to help
 them coordinate their efforts, via a channel called "axa".
     Third, Axa provides the power of sensing righteousness to Her questors, so that they may
 dispense justice in Her name to those who deserve it.
     Fourth, Axa provides knowledge of three invocations to Her faithful: the invocation of Axa's
 protection, the invocation of Axa's judgment, and the invocation of sanctity's weight.
     Lastly, Axa grants each of Her questors the opportunity to rise to the challenge of the post
 of Lord Questor.
 See Also: sense righteousness, lord questor eligibility, invocation of axa's protection, invocation of axa's judgment, invocation of sanctity's weight
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