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Class: Close Combat Weapon Skills

Attribute: Agility
Pedagogy: Physical Training
Practitioner Term: Fencer
The ability to use all manner of swords in combat.  When using a sword, your sword skill influences your ability to hit your
opponent, the damage you inflict, how fast your attacks are, and how well you can use your sword defensively.
Development Information: The sword skill was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Thu Mar 03 02:17:54 2016.

Sword types

This information is for educational purposes, is not exhaustive, and may not be accurate for all players.

(all weapons are of exquisite quality, sword skill 222)

Sword Type Attack Performance Deflection Performance Massive Blow Damage Ratio Precision Strike Attack Ratio
Bastard Sword (2h)-1.3%+21.8%~120%~20%
Blunt Sword+7.9%+19.7%~80%~25%
Claymore (2h)-5%+34%~150%~17%
Double-bladed Sword+2.4%+26%~110%~22%
Executioner's Sword (2h)-20%+15.5%~160%~20%
Hooked Sword+2.4%+28.4%~110%~22%
Serrated Broadsword+2.4%+26%~110%~22%


Avalon: Bercilak < 145
Devonshire: Thalask 
 Wandering: Damon
Wandering Lhethan Hagal
Hanoma: Olaris Wanders
Kolond: Duthien (only trains dwarves)
Mycenae: Kyros
Obsidia: Goth
Shadow Tower: Boko
Shakari: Tavar
Shatterspire: Sthlar
Stillwater: Captain Roberts
tlaxcala: Axton
Valathyr: Anduil Dana training only
Association required:
Losthaven Guard: Commander Jonathan Tredwel
Guild required:
Aisenshi: Musashi
Coven: Lynda Xenetha
Elflords: Celeborn
Hawkmen: Katar
Knights of the Round Table: Sir Lancelot
Nizari: Hasan Wanders
Quest required
Corna Quests: Marshall Osaka < 145
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