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The walled city of the Minotaurs, Mycenae sits on the Aegean Coast at 25, 30, 0. It is on the continent of Almeria.

Bordered by thick stone walls, Mycenae is a cramped city of white walls and several stories. It does not help that everything is made for the bulk of the Minotaur people so even large people of other races may feel diminished by the scale of the city. The main (and only) gate in the wall opens to the west. Around the inside of the wall on the north and eastern sides stretches housing, with a park taking up the southern side. The center of the city is taken up by the traders that serve the city.

The streets of the city are all named after precious stones, with a preference for brilliant color. The main street is Jade street, which runs east from the gate. Off this street is a Inn, a Fabric merchant, a Spice merchant, an outlet of the Grinning Cat, a Healer, a General Store, a Stable and an Adventurers Guildhall.

  | | | | | | |
  X X X X X X X
  |     |     |
  X X I X H X X
  | | | | | | |
  | | | | | | |
  X X R X S X X
  |     |     |
  X X X X X B X
  | | | | | | |
E = Entrance/Exit
I = Inn
H = Healer
S = Shop
R = restaurant
B = barracks
P = park
T = Temple Ruins



Mycenae is located at (25, 30, 0) in Aegeas (Global: (106, -51, )).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Ijara the bard who can be found in the Inn
  • Kyros the Captain of the Guard, who usually is in his house on the south side of Emerald Street
  • Satish the spice merchant who runs his store on the south of Jade Street, just inside the gate.

Notable Attractions

  • Spice shop
  • Inn
  • Temple ruins


  • City alignment: Neutral/Ordered
  • Guards assist: Yes
  • Mycenae has a harbor that is frequently visited by Vincentio the boat master, but it is located north of the city at (25, 31, 0) in Aegeas.
End of spoiler information.


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