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Almeria is the centralized region for civilization, being home to the late Altrian Empire. At one time, the majority of the region was governed over by the Altrian Empire, but after the collapse of the Empire, smaller regions quickly moved to establish their own territory and style of government. The result was a large number of much smaller regencies and more isolated cultures. Almeria is the home to a diverse group of beings, though humans seem to predominate. As time passes, more and more smaller cities begin to appear, and older civilizations come out of their seclusion. There are still places within Almeria that have not been fully explored.

Almeria, as a continent, is divided into nine geographical regions.

(*Hanoma and Kentaur Isle are displayed for comparison)


Notable Locations

Located in the southeastern portion of the Almerian continent, this region is home to the Graecan culture, and most of its derivatives. Though a strife set their culture back by several centuries, they are slowly making a come back and show many promising signs of returning to their former strength.

Strategically positioned in the western portion of the continent, Andala is known for its open, flat plains. Still relatively unexplored, this region has become popular with homesteaders and those seeking a new beginning away from their current governmental body.

Sheltered deep within the forests to the northwest, Calais has developed from a small collective of farming communities into an independent regency. Due to the large number of natural resources in the region, Calais is often the target of political agendas and minor military conflicts.

Developed from a highly agricultural origin, Castigon has found its power not in military force, but in trade. Exporting far more goods than it imports, Castigon has become the home of many wealthy landowners and merchants. As trade has branched out further and further, it was necessary to maintain a small fleet of merchant marines to protect their exports, and as such, Castigonian war vessels are among the finest in the oceans.

Located at the heart of the continent, Celydon was once the political seat of the Altrian Empire. With the fall of the Empire, much of Celydon has fallen into disrepair, and entire cities were burned to the ground in the aftermath. Those few cities that have remained intact are few in number, and hold considerable amounts of power within themselves.

Escaping the fall of the Altrian Empire relatively unscathed, Cimbra has become the relative heart of the Almerian continent. With its well-established trade route, temperate weather, and easy access to many major cities, the region of Cimbra is able to recover quickly from any major loss. Such is evident in its most notable city, Losthaven.

With most of Ebiria's landmass covered in desert and dry plains, the majority of the populace of Ebiria is along the coastal regions. Trade is highly important, as there are very few goods that come out of Ebiria. Most of the economy is based around travel and tourism, since Ebiria is a natural stopping point for longer voyages around the southern or western edge of the Almerian continent. Ebiria is also known for its balmy weather, and is frequented by almost as many seasonal humanoids as it is by seasonal migratory birds.

Isolated in the mountainous eastern region of the continent, Korindim is mainly unexplored and houses several isolated strongholds who withdrew from outside contact during the Fall of the Empire. The regions has many untapped resources, though transporting goods in and out of the steep mountains can prove troublesome. Due to the fact that there are so few harbours along the choppy waters of the rocky coast, it is easy to see how the entire region could have remained insular for so long.

Covering the badlands to the northeast of the continent, Visigonia has not done much to foster any sense of openness or willingness to accept outsiders within its borders. Most trade between Almeria and Avalon takes a longer route around Visigonia rather than trying to go directly through this region. Visigonia is one of the major sources for stories of vampires, ghouls, and all sorts of things that go bump in the night; this may just be a defensive tactic of a region low in natural resources, lacking a standing army, and lacking in trade, to keep from being overtaken by a foreign power.

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