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The village of Stillwater is a vibrant, rapidly growing village in the Cimbran plains, south east of the city of Losthaven. It serves as a center for the local farmers, providing them with most needs and some luxuries. The village survives on the trade of these plains farmers, and on the small amount of produce from the river it sits next to. It imports much of its needs from Losthaven, mostly manufactured goods.

Stillwater boasts all the necessities of country life: a pub, a place to buy equipment, a school for the children, and an open air meeting ground where the locals can come and argue out their differences. These are scattered around an east-west road that runs parallel to the river, with the newer housing at the eastern end.


         Sh          M  X  X  X
         |           |  |  |  |
            |     |     |  |  |
            X     Sc    X  X  X

Map Key

E= Entrance
Sh= Shop
Sc= School
M= Militia

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Stillwater is located at (-11, -27, 0) in Cimbra (Global: (-11, 54, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Miss Carline teaches in the school, and will also teach visitors. She knows much of languages, including linguistics
  • Jodan Roberts teaches the militia and can teach basic combat skills

Notable Attractions

  • Shop
  • School
  • Militia
  • Village's Tavern


  • Alignment:
  • Guards assist: Yes. Mobs are psychic and when one is attacked, all become aggressive.
  • The locals do love to talk, and will happily spread tales from all across the plains to any that ask. They are welcome and trusting, but are used to defending their own, and have formed a militia in the village.
  • Stillwater is a small village located at coordinates -11, -27, 0 (Cimbra). This small town has several villagers and members of the militia who are all very protective of the other members of their little community. Stillwater offers little more than something to drink, a shop, and a few good sparring partners for those who are just starting to adventure. -- Slant, Rozgayn 24, 529
  • Stillwater is also a good place to pick up a bit of local gossip. The villagers are far from metropolitan, but they are quite willing to talk over their latest exploits or any bit of gossip that happens to be going around at the time. In addition, a kind and lovely schoolteacher by the name of Miss Carline makes her home in Stillwater, and for a modest fee, will give introductory lessons in the art of linguistics -- a highly useful skill for those who often deal with cultures and writings alien to their own. -- Oakleaf, Arienle 4, 534
End of spoiler information.


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