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The Ivory Tower is an edifice standing just northwest of Jhan, housing miltiant followers of Axa. These disciples call themselves The Justicars of Axa, and brook no Chaos within their realms. The Tower houses quite a few trainers who teach both Questors and Justicars.

The Tower boasts a library, a forge, barracks, and a shrine to Axa. Those who wish to challenge the forces of Order here should be warned that there is a reason battles do not often spill inside the Tower's walls...



Ivory Tower is located at (22, 15, 0) in Andala (Global:(-59, 15, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Guilds and Associations


Notable Personalities

(All trainers only train Axites)

Notable Attractions


  • Area alignment:
    • Mixture of Good/Evil and Ordered
  • Guards assist:
    • Severely
End of spoiler information.


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