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Standard Information

Eris, Lady of Discord, urges those who live the ways of chaos to destroy the foul incarnation of law known as the Lord Questor of Tyr.

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Three
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Three
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Seven
   This quest was created by Den.


This is a very straight forward quest. Find the Lord Questor of Tyr, and then track them down and kill them. To find out who the current Lord Questor is, 'whois the Lord Questor of Tyr'. You can then use a scrying device, like a crystal ball, to track down their location. The danger associated with this quest lies in who holds the Seal of Tyr. If they are inexperienced and low level, it is an easy quest.

PLEASE NOTE: When the description says "those who live the ways of chaos", it means anyone ordered need not apply. If you wanna get this, you gotta be chaotic.

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