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Behold!  For among you lies the salvation of reality.  
-- Lord Knight Martrim Berault

Throughout the ages, the forces of chaos have run rampant across the planes, dominating all that they have encountered. For centuries, these armies of discord were left to sweep through existence like a great sea, and consume the natural order of the cosmos. From their beginnings, these chaotic forces were opposed, first by those seeking to keep a balance, to keep neutrality, but they were fighting a two front war, that against the chaos, and another to stem the battle of good and evil, from destroying all. It was not until three hundred years ago, by human reckoning, that the great divinities of law, Axa, Torm, and Mithras, had decided to step in on behalf of reality. With the arrival of the lords of law, the forces of chaos prepared for the coming battle, quickly amassing more devotees to their cause, for the road of chaos is easy to travel. Yet those who did not eagerly seek the easiest path found themselves in the arms of Lady Axa the Lawbringer. They were to be the first of the Justicars.

The Justicars of Axa are the most militant of the factions venerating the gods of law. For them, the destruction of all chaos is the ultimate goal, one which can never be reached, but one they continue to strive for regardless. The Justicars are well trained in martial prowess, masters of the discipline known simply as Tsar Quen. No Justicar is ever without a weapon, as long as they remain faithful to their lord. Even without arms or armour, a Justicar can call upon Axa for divine intervention, which forms the base reason for the pious devotion of the Justicar to the goddess of justice.

The price of such power, such righteous might, is not cheap. Upon enlistment with the Justicars, one ceases to be an individual. All the Justicars are a lesser part of a whole, something which is much larger then themselves. Each Justicar is expected to follow the orders of those above them in the chain of command, lest the forces of chaos destroy the order of the Justicars because of unorganization. As a devotee of Axa, the Justicar is expected to maintain impeccable morals, worthy of a pious follower of the goddess of justice. Failure to do so could result in dismissal of all granted powers or possibly execution for treason. For the Justicar, any sign of chaos must be destroyed. If their own members cannot be trusted to not stray upon the path of discord, how can they expect to ever win their eternal struggle, which will rage forevermore?

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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.



   Lord Marshall Strom Thromgald says, -As Attuned, you could not become a fanatic by joining the Justicars of Axa.- to you.
   Lord Marshall Strom Thromgald says, -You cannot wield a Shield of Axa, and are therefore unfit to become a Justicar.- to you.
   Lord Marshall Strom Thromgald says, -Your ways are too chaotic for the Justicars of Axa.- to you.


First you will need to join the Questors of Axa in Jhan.

After you've become a questor, go to Ivory Tower.

At the top of the tower and speak to Strom Thromgald to join up.

   You state, -enlist me with the justicars of Axa- in lyrically-accented Anglic.

   You hold your round golden steel shield in your right hand.
   You are now a first-degree specialist in concentration and shield. [event logged]
   Strom Thromgald bows to you.
   Strom Thromgald says, -Upon accepting this shield, you pledge to fight in the Even-Handed's name.- in Anglic.
   Strom Thromgald says, -Welcome, Volundr, and may the radiance of Axa forever shine upon you.- in Anglic.
   Strom Thromgald says, -We will bring order back to this chaotic life.- in Anglic.

At this point, you might find it helpful to go down a floor and pray at the chapel. Finding some training in the Caladan language wouldn't hurt either.

Accessible Affiliations

Incompatible with magicians specifically. Justicars are fanatics and thus incompatible with the Attuned. Also incompatible with Avaricious types (Gatherers).

You can be justicar/aisenshi since the rewrite. --Starhound (Not anymore--like any other guild, you have to pick one. Found out the hard way myself. :( --Vertical)

Specialty Access

To include access from Questors, as it is a requirement.

Skill				Access Level
Anatomy				5
Anglic				5
Animal Lore			1
Appraisal			1
Archery				6
Armour Lore			6
Armour Use			10
Artillery			8
Athleticism			10
Awareness			6
Axe				10
Balance				4
Blindfighting			4
Bludgeon			10
Brawling			12
Break Fall			4
Breath Control			1
Calligraphy			5
Carpentry			1
Carving				1
Centering			1
Channeling			1
Chirurgery			1
Climbing			2
Combat Reflexes			10
Concentration			12
Courage				22
Crossbow			6
Dagger				10
Dancing				6
Demolition			1
Dethek				5
Diplomacy			6
Dirty Fighting			1
Discipline			2 (Min. 1)
Dodge				6
Drawing				1
Eideturgy			22
Elude Pursuit			5
Equestrian			6
Equipment Maintenance		10
Etiquette			6
Exaltation of Law		22 (Min. 1)
Finance				5
Find Weakness			10
Firefighting			8
First Aid			6
Flail				10
Fortitude of Law		22 (Min. 1)
Gambling			1
Gem Lore			2
Haggling			2
Hammer				10
Hardiness			6
Heraldry			5
History				6
Insect Lore			1
Instant Stand			4
Intelligence Analysis		5
Intimidation			2
Invocation			22 (Min. 1)
Jumping				2
Killer Instinct			1
Lack of Weakness		6
Law				22 (Min. 1)
Leadership			20 (Min. 1)
Leatherworking			1
Legend Lore			2
Literacy			6
Load Bearing			4
Logistics			5
Manipulation			1
Martial Arts			10
Masonry				1
Massive Blow			10
Massive Exertion		6
Meditation			5
Memory				2
Metallurgy			6
Mineral Lore			4
Mounted Combat			6
Orienteering			1
Ownership			4
Pain Tolerance			5
Piety				22 (Min. 1)
Plant Lore			1
Pole Arm			10
Politics			2
Practice			6
Precision Strike		6
Prose				5
Quickness			4
Recuperation			6
Resilience			6
Rhetoric			4
Riding				6
Rune Lore			6
Running				2
Scholarship			1
Sculpture			5
Shield				20 (Min. 1)
Sling				6
Smithing			6
Spear				10
Sperethiel			5
Staff				10
Stamina				6
Steadiness			10
Strategy			10
Subordination			22 (Min. 1)
Swimming			2
Sword				12
Tactics				12
Tanning				1
Telesmatic Weapon		4
Theology			5
Throwing			6
Torture				4
Training			2
Tumbling			4
Unarmed Combat			10
Vocalization			2
Weapon Lore			6
End of spoiler information.
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