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Champions have appeared who seem capable of bending light to their will with the use of magickal lenses. Their sanctuary is rumored to be in Liathyr. (3, -12)


Guild Helpfile

 --.. .)) the Lightbringers )). ..------------------------------
     You are a Lightbringer, a champion of the light.
     Lightbringers are a select group of heroes, chosen by a representative of Eosphoros to bear a lens and wield it in
 the struggle for order, justice, virtue, and the light of civilization.  They are beacons of hope.  As such their own
 will must be unflagging, capable of bearing any injustice or insult without yielding an inch of integrity or resolve.
     Your main tool as a Lightbringer is your lens.  Your lens stores and focuses the power of the light.  This power
 is replenished by the light that burns in the Lightbringer's sanctuary.  It is expended and shaped by you, limited
 only by your will and imagination.  The light can be wielded to forge weapons and armour, to fly, to traverse space
 and time, to comprehend the most esoteric languages, and to bring all manner of energies down upon one's foes.
     You must learn the skills necessary to control the power of your lens: directing, tuning, focussing, and
 generation will enable you to better express employ the lens as an expression of your will.
     The energy employed by Lightbringers displays a curious antipathy for ferrous metals: it fades away upon the
 merest contact with iron in any portion, and the lenses themselves become unstable with too much exposure to them.
     It is expected that you will conduct yourself with a certain measure of honor and forthrightness as a
 Lightbringer, though the precise meaning of this is left up to each Lightbringer.  Using qlippotic instruments is
 strictly forbidden; any measure of taint acquired in their presence should be purified posthaste.
     For more information on your powers, type 'help volitions'.
     To leave the Lightbringers, return to the sphere and visualize the light leaving your body.
  • NOTE: If you ever lose your lens, hang out around the sphere and you will receive a new one.


  • Be a Hero (Level 50) or have 175 Quest Points.
  • Have an alignment that is enough of a combination of ordered and good.
  • Have NO Qlippotic Affinity or demonic blood.
  • Have a palm (lenses are worn on palms).
  • Exclusive with neutral, evil, sadist, mercenary, outlaw, destroyer, and libertine affiliation types.


Guildhall is in Liathyr at 3, -12, 0. Guildmaster is Ylon.

You are now a first-degree specialist in courage, power direction, power focusing, 
power generation, and power tuning.
 You intone, ->) I'm here for consideration (<- in lugubriously-accented Anglic.
 The dark-yellow-skinned male dana nods to you.
 The dark-yellow-skinned male dana states, .) ))  You are worthy.  Go forth and
 meditate upon the power within the light.  (( (. in Sperethiel.
 The dark-yellow-skinned male dana nods at you.

You cannot join the Lightbringers because you are a libertine.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very dangerous to be inside the Lightbringer sanctuary if you are not a member of the guild. This includes people who are trying to join, even though they have been authorized; the authorization can time out.

 a peaceful sanctuary [w]
  A neat row of perhaps two dozen sandalwood-inlaid mahogany chairs form a 
 semicircle here around the periphery of this spacious room.  An alabaster 
 pool of water occupies the room's center, surrounded by an immaculate 
 marble floor.  The walls blend seamlessly into an arched oaken-framed
 ceiling overhead, the sky visible through several green glass skylights
 near the top.  The area is brightly lit.  You see a hovering sphere,
 Wenon, Cirdan, Cinder, and a bright-cyan-skinned female chaosborn.
 The only obvious exit is west.
 meditate upon the power within the light
 You sense that some ferrous metal on your person is interfering with the
 powers within the sphere.
 You put away your lotus-inscribed golden steel katana.
 meditate upon the power within the light
 You would need ten more perception-based specialty points available for the 
 required specialties in power direction and subordination.
 * note: I had -9 from guildstrip at this point
 meditate upon the power within the light
 You no longer specialize in rune lore. [event logged]
 You are now a first-degree specialist in power direction, power focusing, power generation, power tuning, Siglaryn,
 and subordination. [event logged]
 The hovering sphere ripples hypnotically.
 A diamond lens manifests in your inventory in a flare of dazzling light.

New Lightbringers may join every three days, new members should update this section as they join. Natas: Aug 26 09:21:17 EDT Chozan: Aug 30 12:50 EDT


You have the ability to direct energy through your lens to various affects
using your will alone.  All of these powers require your lens for both energy
and focus; if you lose it, remove it from your hand, or let it run out of
energy, your volitions will be unable to sustain these affects on their own.
Your profiency in directing the energies of your lens depend upon your
power control, and also sometimes an ancilliarry skill that is helpful in the
correct application of your will.  One's attributes also contribute, but only
in proportion to their corresponding skill: the portion of one's charisma
contributed is determined by one's skill in generation, for example.
The volitions known to you are as follows.
     Adaptation(Lightbringer Volition)                          Aura (Lightbringer Volition)
     Balance(Lightbringer Volition)                             Blast (Lightbringer Volition)
     Close (Lightbringer Volition)                              Color (Lightbringer Volition)
     Conflagration(Lightbringer Volition)                       Consecration (Lightbringer Volition)
     Construction (Lightbringer Volition)                       Corpore Lux (Lightbringer Volition)
     Create Ahriman(Lightbringer Volition)                      Create Aphex(Lightbringer Volition)
     Create Ardeon(Lightbringer Volition)                       Create Greater Light Amalgamal(Lightbringer Volition)
     Create Image(Lightbringer Volition)                        Create Kite(Lightbringer Volition)
     Create Lesser Light Amalgamal(Lightbringer Volition)       Create Major Light Amalgamal(Lightbringer Volition)
     Create Minor Light Amalgamal(Lightbringer Volition)        Create Pyrl(Lightbringer Volition)
     Create Sabino(Lightbringer Volition)                       Create Yag(Lightbringer Volition
     Deconstruction (Lightbringer Volition)                     Diffraction(Lightbringer Volition)
     Disenchantment (Lightbringer Volition)                     Empower(Lightbringer Volition)
     Fire (Lightbringer Volition)                               Flare (Lightbringer Volition)
     Flight (Lightbringer Volition)                             Gain(Lightbringer Volition)
     Golden Ray (Lightbringer Volition)                         Halo (Lightbringer Volition)
     Healing (Lightbringer Volition)                            Horizon(Lightbringer Volition
     Infusion(Lightbringer Volition)                            Invisibility(Lightbringer Volition)
     Knowledge of Apertures (Lightbringer Volition)             Knowledge of Charge (Lightbringer Volition)
     Knowledge of Extant Lightbringers (Lightbringer Volition)  Light (Lightbringer Volition)
     Lightning (Lightbringer Volition)                          Node(Lightbringer Volition)
     Open (Lightbringer Volition)                               Polychromatic Ray (Lightbringer Volition)
     Pulse(Lightbringer Volition)                               Purge (Lightbringer Volition)
     Purification (Lightbringer Volition)                       Rainbow(Lightbringer Volition)
     Ray (Lightbringer Volition)                                Rebound(Lightbringer Volition)
     Reflection(Lightbringer Volition)                          Refraction(Lightbringer Volition)
     Reinforcement(Lightbringer Volition)                       Repair(Lightbringer Volition)
     Resonance(Lightbringer Volition)                           Ribbons (Lightbringer Volition)
     Sapiens Sol(Lightbringer Volition)                         Sunlight (Lightbringer Volition)
     Sunlock(Lightbringer Volition)                             Teleportation (Lightbringer Volition)
     Viscera Fax (Lightbringer Volition)                        Wane(Lightbringer Volition)


Your development and progress as a Lightbringer is captured in a measure called radiance. As you gain radiance, you may focus and develop it through paths of development known as apertures. Each unit of radiance allows you to progress in one additional tier of any aperture. Progressing in an aperture opens up additional abilities, such as new volitions or the ability to passively generate lens energy.

You get one point of Radiance for every 50 levels, 100 courage, 7000 Exploration Points, 100 Quest Points, and 1 for having less than -11 assimilativity.

Every aperture has a primary skill associated with it. Often (but not always), the primary skill will be related to the abilities granted by the aperture; advancement in that skill will further enhance that aperture's abilities. For example, increasing order affinity will increase the amount of luminax generated by the gold aperture, and light affinity is used in all of the volitions granted by the sanctum aperture.

The apertures known to you are listed below. Each aperture has its own help topic with additional information. To view or change into what apertures your radiance is invested, see the 'open', 'close', and 'knowledge of apertures' volitions.

Subvocalize "goal", "movement", "selection", "solving" for help with the floating cube puzzle presented when Opening and closing Apertures

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