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You are a Hellwalker, an Orc bestowed with Demonic Blood.

Hellwalking is a rite afforded to orcs who have reached a certain level of attunement. As such, all Hellwalkers are attuned. For more information on attunement in general, type 'help attuned'.


->) the Hellwalkers (<-

Hellwalking is the process of taking advantage of latent demonic blood in one's veins in a vampiric manner: one augments one's own demonic blood with power stolen from demons and other eldritch beings. For reasons poorly understood, the only known species that can safely perform this process is the orcish one. Speculative theories purported to explain this include orcs being some sort of distant and diminished demonspawn, orcs bearing some special divine favour or duty, or orcish blood bearing some sort of intrinsic natural property that makes it suitable to mix with demonic one merely through some strange accident of nature.

As a Hellwalker you are afforded the same innate blood-magicks as any demon, though at a diminished rate. The rest of your powers depend upon stealing supernal energies from beings who have it, and upon making your body and spirit into an appropriate conduit for this theft. One does the latter by altering one's spirit to be like that of demons -- chaotic and unholy -- while at the same time keeping a large enough ordered and holy aspect of your spirit to keep one's demonic aspect in check and under control. One does the former by fighting and killing demons and other supernal beings with one's bare hands; the transfer of supernal energy occurs automatically under such conditions.

There are more people in the world who know how to recognize demonic blood that who know about the existence of the Hellwalkers. Even those who do know of the Hellwalkers are often ignorant or fearful of its nature, and treat any Hellwalker as a demon. Even worse, many, especially other orcs, consider the entire rite a defilement of the highest order. Those who do tend to consider Hellwalkers are worse than demons.

There is, strictly speaking, no ethic to the Hellwalkers beyond that of Attunement. But due to the extreme and potentially damning nature of Hellwalking, all Hellwalkers bring their own ethic; whatever it is that led them to becoming half-Hellspawn and to commit to an endless confrontation of beings with supernal power is typically a more exacting obession than most deities demand.

Once one has become a Hellwalker, there is no known way of going back: one is forever committed to coping with demonic blood.

How to Join

here are several prerequisites to joining the Hellwalkers

  • Be an Orc
  • Be a member of the Attuned
    • Obtain a minimum level of 75 attunement (visualize Hanoma)
  • Know enough Daemonology (16 is enough apparently)
  • Be courageous (got in with 31)
  • Bring the heart of a demon to Nagima
    • Oni and Zenun hearts have been proven to work.
      • You can find a couple of fairly easy Oni in the Shadow Tower in the southwest cell of the fifth floor.

NB: The process of joining deals severe damage - when I joined, I lost all of my limbs and died soon after from bleeding out. Having a friend nearby with several scrolls of limb regeneration and a decent first aid skill is recommended if you'd like to avoid the death.


The Temple within Hanoma (-1, 0, 0) [ni]

Give the heart to Nagima, an orc found in the lower section of the temple. To descend you must "succumb". To exit "rebel".

Specialty Requirements

I tried to exclude Attuned skills that may already be included. Order affinity is left on the list since it is an important affiliation skill.

By Skill

Min Attr Skill
1   Wil  Chaos Affinity
1   Wil  Order affinity
1   Wil  Sephirotic Affinity
2   Con  Supernal durability
1   Wil  Unholy Taint

Bonus specialties

As a Hellwalker, you receive 2 bonus specialties to Goetia resistance and 1 to Archaen.

NB: Hellwalkers are forbidden to specialize in torture

Damage Type

When attacking demons/monsters with Supernal Durability, the damage dealt will be henosis (qlippotic / sephirotic / chaos / order / goetia). This only works with bare hands and certain weapons (runed weapons for example). Keep in mind that this affects all unarmed maneuvers, including Chi strike and others that deal esoteric damage.

Creatures to take advantage of are:

Runed Weapons

  • Arldond on the 9th floor of shadow tower in the North East cell will sometimes load a runed Greataxe.


Your veins pulse with shifting scarlet energy.
  • Not sure if this is actually a HW feature, it seems like it is, but is very rare if so.
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