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Class: Language Skills
Attribute: Intellect
Pedagogy: Procedural
Practitioner Term: Speaker of Archaen
Hidden Skill
Language Sound: Haunting
Language Difficulty: Hard
Language Speed: Typical
Language Overlaps:
  Thari: slight

The ability to speak and comprehend the Archaen language, the tongue of the terrible Fomori. It it said to be one of the languages which predate the existence of the world, like Thari and Cilaghai, and like those tongues it is said to hold much power; few of the younger races dare study it, though, for Fomori are said to consider their tongue being spoken by outsiders to be a grave insult.


Imptropolis: Implicated *May Only Train Imps*
Traveler temple:Amon Tyrice
Wandering: Mok A'tal
Kazarak/Kazarzeth: Urdo Wanders
Crafty Linguists: Janid Suzak Wanders
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