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A town by the side of the road leading to the Northlands, Corna has had more than its fair share of sorrows as of late. Not only must they contend with frequent raids by the sleklith-like raktorak, they have also been beset by at least one murder, as well as rumours of strange and unholy forces at work inside their graveyard.

In the face of all this adversity, the local guard force, the Steel Serpents, keeps Corna fairly well-protected with the help of a number of local heroes who have been seasoned in the constant battles with the raktorak. Although his time seems spread a bit thin as of late, the captain of the Steel Serpents, one Osaka Jizo, is perfectly willing to provide training for those wishing to learn the martial disciplines. After all, the more people who know how to use a sword, the more likely Corna is to stand against the next raktorak attack.

Despite all this sorrow and contentiousness (or perhaps because of it), Corna does play host to a rather cheerful drinking establishment, where it is said that everyone knows your name (though they'll generally call you whatever they like). This charming place doesn't water their drinks, and plays host on most days to a small and motley set of regulars who seem quite knowledgeable in the goings-on around town. One may even be able to pick up some tips on the musical arts from the friendly bard who seems to spend most of her time in the bar. A friendlier lot of drunkards one is unlikely to find anywhere.

Corna -- all in all a nice place to visit. A town in dire need of a few good heroes.

-- Benzedrene, Ingot 13, 552




Corna is located at (33, 24, 0) in Andala (Global: (-48, 24, )).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Guilds and Associations


Notable Personalities

  • Railune

Notable Attractions

  • Tavern
  • Serpent Statue
  • Jeweler


  • City alignment:
  • Guards assist: Yes
  • There is a path beyond the Serpent Statue though I did not pass it because it will attack you on sight (presumably unless you are a member of the Steel Serpents
  • The docks are where the attacks from the raktorak come from every so often.
  • The trapped house has little in value from what I saw, but upon exiting there is a force that knocks you back, until eventually it launches you from the home, dealing damage. The source remains unknown.
End of spoiler information.


Corna by Naice

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