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The sleklith are an ancient race; those alive are only degenerate reminders of what they once were. Once they were powerful and terrifying as they raided all along the waterways of Lost Souls, but that was long ago. Even farther back in the reaches of time they were one of the peoples who formed the Istax Empire, along with the dracon, the zuth, and the lost s'tali. After the fall of that realm, the sleklith reverted to barbarism, but retained much skill and power. In the following centuries, though, the great swamps that were their homes were diminishing, drying out and being drained. The formation of the Great Rift reversed this process with the creation of the Blackwater, but by this time the greatness of the sleklith had been lost.

In the present age, the sleklith have gone from barbarism back to savagery, their cultures barely greater than that of the most primitive of tribal bands. Their intellects, never renowned, are generally low to moronic. They live in small villages of twenty or thirty individuals. These are not organized along family lines like most human tribes, for the sleklith do not have a concept of family; for them there is only the individual and the community.

In shape, sleklith are powerful, humanoid reptiles. The average male is seven feet tall from the top of the head to the tip of the toe. They seldom stand fully erect, however, walking hunched over or on all fours. Their hands and feet have long, finger-like talons with webbing in between. Their faces have powerful lizard-like snouts. They have no noses, only breathing nostrils set above their large, lidless eyes. Their bodies are covered in thick, alligator-like leather, ridged and spiny down the back, soft and supple on the underside. Sleklith skin is various shades of greens, browns and yellows, giving them a natural camouflage in the reedy waterways of the swamp. Their massive tail is noted for its usefulness in combat, but their speed and agility are unimpressive. Sleklith live very short lives, growing quite old at fifty years. They speak the Hithal tongue, usually have some fragments of old Assarith, the tongue of the Istax Empire, and know little else of the arts of speaking.

 /---------------------------- The Sleklith Race -----------------Start-------\
 | Attributes                Strength                 60 to 130     83        |
 |                           Intelligence             30 to  80     46        |
 |                           Constitution             70 to 140     93        |
 |                           Dexterity                30 to  80     46        |
 |                           Willpower                30 to 100     53        |
 |                           Charisma                 10 to  50     23        |
 |                           Perception               10 to  75     31        |
 |                           Size                     72 to  93     79        |
 | Points                                                          141        |
 | Typical Sexes                                      Male                    |
 |                                                    Female                  |
 | Languages                 Native                   Hithal                  |
 | Innate Skills             Regeneration             5 (bonus: 1)            |
 |                           Killer instinct          30                      |
 | Specialty Access          Killer instinct          available: degree II    |
 | Resistances               Temporal                 large vulnerability     |
 | Traits                    Diet                     Carnivore               |
 |                           Limb regenerativity      1                       |
 |                           Night vision             1                       |
 |                           Sentience                Anthropic               |
 |                           Speech pattern           Reptilian               |
 |                           Thanatogalvanism         7                       | 
 | Cultures and Homelands    Almerian Wildling        Almeria                 |
 |                           Freeholder               Freehold                |
 |                           Losthavener              Losthaven               |
 |                           Lowlander                Halfmoon Bay            |
 |                                                    Sanctuary               |
 |                           Sserakan                 Sseraka                 |
 |                           Tenochlani Wildling      Tenochlan               |
 | Physical Characteristics  Anatomy                  Clawed Tailed           |
 |                                                    Anthropoid              |
 |                           Natural Armour           Very Heavy              |
 |                           Natural Weaponry         Excellent               |
 |                           Other                    Bestial                 |
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