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Trait Category: Metabolic

Trait Type: Definition
The kind of sustenance one's body requires is determined by one's diet trait.  Different diet types have different requirements; for
instance, a carnivore eats only meat, while an herbivore eats only vegetables.  Some types are particularly unusual; for instance,
ametabolic individuals do not eat and drink at all, and photovores create their own food using sunlight.
Development Information: The diet trait was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Tue
Feb 26 00:12:24 2013.
See Also: hunger


Diet types


Generally a side effect of major biological changes, this diet entirely prevents eating and drinking all but a very small number of things, though thankfully, it also means one no longer gets hungry or thirsty at all, the downside, though, is one also can't get drunk, or consume items for the sake of buffs.


Everything is edible, even things that are not food, even things that aren't intended to be food, even things that would defy the laws of physics to be food. Generally not intended for player possession due to sheer potential for shenanigans.

Apochi Empsychon

Only found on adveni, this diet simply means that one is incapable of eating the flesh of living things in all but the most dire circumstances. So basically "vegetarian".


Can only consume flesh and other flesh-like materials typically found in living things, which also includes some materials that aren't specifically 'meat'.


One principly eats the materials carnivores do, but when hungry enough, can put up with herbivore-relevant materials too. Effectively the mirror of the apochi empsychon diet.

[OOC Aeriella] They like Brains, eggs, eyes, flesh, and skin

[OOC Aeriella] yup

[OOC Aeriella] yum*

[OOC Kaess] eggs, but not sperm?

[OOC Kaess] why did I ask that

[OOC Aeriella] They do have a specific dislike for semen


One eats shit. Literally.


A broader diet than it first appears, One eats not just fruit-based materials, but anything particularly sugary.


Plant-based materials are one's food, and this diet is pretty straightforward, as such. Basically apochi empsychon, but without the allowance for flesh consumption in dire straits.


Flammable materials and liquids, pretty much anything one would feed a fire, or a car with.


One eats stones, typically foraging them off the ground. Note: Unfortunately, this diet type does not allow you to shit bricks.


One subsists on the background magical energy of the universe, which means one is practically ametabolic, but can still consume edible things that happen to be magical, if one happens to be hungry or thirsty enough.


This rather gross diet isn't really found on anything yet, but at the very least, its exact nature has been laid out pretty concisely.

Materials: Choleric Bile, Hemolymph, Honey, Ice, Ichor, Jelly, Melancholic Bile, Mucus, Phlegm, Semen, Slime. Properties: Drug, Spice


Makes you unable to eat anything while still needing food. Usually the result of failing an asceticism challenge.


Self-explanatory, basically. Can eat the things carnivores can eat, and the things herbivores can eat, though less 'normal' materials at the very least require one to be hungry enough.


Is it organic? It's food.


Found on plant-based races, as well as a side effect of empathic bonds based on the sun or light, this makes the sun one's primary source of nutrition, but one's ability to drink liquids isn't affected.

[OOC Carden] is there any way for a photovore to "eat" at night?
[OOC Porphyria] Beer
[OOC Porphyria] Storm rock is always daytime too, IIRC.
[OOC Porphyria] Erm... aedabot spell and OIA spell can also satiate hunger...
[OOC Badend] and theres always rings of dietary
[OOC Porphyria] I recommend beer, tho.


Consumes the vital humors of live or dead living things, can't drink water. Gives an exsanguinating bite maneuver which can be used offensively, or, with consent, nonviolently.


Like carnivore, but pickier, preferring meats that haven't been processed, straight from the tap.

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