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Halfmoon bay is a port settlement founded on the east coast of Almeria. This city is one of Vincentio's stops so it is no wonder that Halfmoon Bay has become one of the most prosperous establishments in all of Korindim. This is a bustling city with many amenities for the ordinary adventurer, but be wary while exploring this populous city; bravos meander the streets with the sole intent of picking a fight with the first person they find... and it could very well be you!

          N          O
 Password |          |
    Jerry→M       P--X--P
          |          |
          X L  I  F  X
           \|  |  |  |
            |  |     |
         H  J  G  H  X     W        W
         |        |  |     |        |
   |  |     |  |     |  |     |  |     |
H--X  H  H--X  H  H--X  X  D--X  W  W--X     C--X
   |        |        |        |        |        |
   X--H  H  X--H  H  X--W  W  X--W  W  X--W     X
   |     |  |     |  |     |  |     |  |        |
E--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X Sunset Blvd
   |  |     |  |     |  |     |  |     |        |
H--X  H  H--X  H  H--X  W  W--X  W  W--X        X
   |        |        |        |        |        |
   X--H  H  X--H  H  X--W  X  X--W  W  X--W     X
   |     |  |     |  |     |  |     |  |        |    The Docks
   X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X        X
      |        |        |        |              |
      H        H        X        W           B--X
A: Dock
B: Smuggler's Cover
C: Grinning Cat
D: The Cloak 'n Dagger Inn
E: Palace Gates
F: Frowning Dwarf
G: Miss Cleo's House of Mystical Objects
H: Home
I: The Bay's Supply Shop
J: The Bay's Armour Shop
K: Halfmoon Bay Adventurer's Guild 
L: The Bay's Armoury
M: Terrapin Station 
N: the back room
O: Entrance
P: guardroom
W: Warehouse



Halfmoon bay started as a small port settlement between Darkhold and Losthaven. When a man named Oman decided to crown himself king everything changed for the city of Halfmoon. Oman brought prosperity to Halfmoon through brutal cunning and heavy handed tactics. During his reign the town grew from a small fishing village into a sprawling metropolis of goods and services. Oman's reign was cut short in a barroom brawl with a single lucky thrust from a dagger. Oman was succeeded by 14 sons which he had with 9 different women. With so many in line for Halfmoon's throne the sons each began plotting to kill the others. After a long a brutal series of "accidents" Sephus was the only son left and took the throne as Halfmoon's new ruler. However, where Oman was a man of the people and refused to lord himself over the town, Sephus believed the towns wealth his by right of rule and build an elaborate palace from which to distance himself from the commoners. He doubled taxes and seized many of the businesses as his own. Those who complained about his methods were simply slain and tossed aside. Sephus had 9 sons who did not even wait for their father's death to begin weeding out the competition. Sephus was slain by his last remaining son. Generations of brutal and bloodthirsty rule took its toll upon Halfmoon until the city was left nothing more than a heap of shacks and abandoned warehouses. A macabre graveyard of a once prosperous city.

Once again things changed for Halfmoon when a young woman named Nyseem stopped in halfmoon on her way to the town of Sanctuary. Nyseem saw the potential in Halfmoon and before long relocated her entire holdings to the city where she established a very lucrative smuggling operation. The towns residents saw this as just another nail in the coffin of the city itself. However, it wasn't long before the failing businesses began to prosper from the influx of demand for goods and services. It wasn't long before others began to hear of Nyseem's success in Halfmoon and the city began to draw several competitors to Nyseem's success. The first few challengers were dispatched outright and the town remained in Nyseem's control. All of that changed when a man named Calin turned his eye upon the city. Calin was cunning and used the towns prosperous ports to sneak his entire gang into the city disguised as sailors. Before long he control much of the cities resources using several abandoned warehouses as a base of operation. Infuriated by Calin's bold maneuvering Nyseem attacked Calin's forces within the city. After a number of brutal skirmishes both faction proved unable to rout the other from the city and eventually settled into an uneasy truce.

Halfmoon Bay is once again known as the Pearl of the West. Its crumbling buildings have been restored, its docks and shops bristling with activity, and its streets once again ringing with laughter as people go about their daily business. Nyseem and Calin eventually came to be known as the Robber Barons of Halfmoon Bay and are looked viewed by the townsfolk almost reverently. As for King Jayce, nobody is really sure. Its entirely possible that he still roams the palace halls dodging the ghosts of his murderous ancestors. They say if you stop near the palace gate late at night, you can their voices carried on the night breeze, but that, my friend, is another story.


Halfmoon Bay is located at (36, 22, 0) in Korindim (Global: (117, 22, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Holi the shopkeeper

Notable Attractions


  • City alignment: The Alignment in Halfmoon Bay appears to be fairly neutral for all the NPC's
  • Gang members can be referred to by "bravo" rather than by race or their impossible-to-type names
  • There are NPCs that mention guards, but no swarms of guards appear
End of spoiler information.


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