Miss Cleo

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This is a female human with black skin, brown hair, and black eyes.  This
large, bulky woman is dressed in  a crystalline leathery brown caftan and
matching scarf with a simple pair of leather sandals.  There is an unnerving,
almost malicious glint in her eyes that serves as a reminder that despite her
bizarre behavior, she is anything but stupid.  
    She looks about eighteen dimins tall, five and thirteen twentieths dimins
wide, and one and two fifths dimins front to back.  
    She is in good shape.
Cleo exclaims, $$Chile, the forces of evil are a-gatherin' against Miss Cleo, but I trust in the spirits to protect me...and they can protect you too!$$
Cleo exclaims, $$Ah Miss Cleo, she knows the spirits sent you here, and she can help you!$$
Cleo exclaims, $$Miss Cleo, she's seen your future, chile!$$
Cleo exclaims, $$Ah chile, Miss Cleo, now she knows what you be needin'!$$
Cleo places a wand on the shelf.
Cleo glances at you appraisingly.
Cleo dusts off some potion bottles.
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