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Within Shadow Tower, Kalyxes rules supreme. You can become one of his Stalkers of The Gate which let you travel this vast land at a whim. Many creatures are in the tower. Not for new players to attempt to kill. The tower can be found hidden in the forests of Tenochlan in the region of Quetlatl.



Shadow Tower is located at (13, -4, 2) in Quetlatl (Global: (175, -247, 2)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Guilds and Associations

Notable Personalities

  • Boko - combat trainer at bottom
  • Gaerie - prisoner (8th floor - NE) - expensive
  • Sophratius - prisoner (7th floor - NE) that trains philosophy-related skills

Notable Attractions

The following is a list of the creatures locked up in Shadow Tower, in order of ascending floors:

Second Floor

North - Two wizened gnomes.

Northeast - Two wood danaan.

East - Three pixies.

Southeast - Three bogualu.

South - Three iyiyiki.

Southwest - Four kobolds.

West - Two thondur with black steel battleaxes.

Northwest - A male human named Brandol the young magician.

Third Floor

North - A male and female gnome warrior.

Northeast - Two female drachannach.

East - A male and female firelizard.

Southeast - Three drochnei.

South - Three urgai.

Southwest - Three male human bandits.

West - A clockwork orange.

Northwest - Three llelimin.

Fourth Floor

North - A male quess named Watyrus the guardian, who wields a coral war mace.

Northeast - A male llelimin named Feolie the thief.

East - Three blue slaadi.

Southeast - Two ygelyeku.

South - Two cyflymyllon with steel stylets.

Southwest - Two quasits.

West - A female naga named Athisthaeme.

Northwest - A male human and follower of Yehovah named Friar Johann.

Fifth floor

North - Three kentauri stallion warriors.

Northeast - Three satyrs.

East - A n'keh-shub.

Southeast - A male human named Viarr the madman.

South - A female white dragon named Golbanoth.

Southwest - Two oni in samurai garb.

West - A male dwarf named Jurant the weaponsmith.

Northwest - Two minotaur warriors.

Sixth floor

North - A male advenus named Banedon the wanderer, who wields a flux staff.

Northeast - Tylr the danaan bard.

East - Two red slaadi.

Southeast - Three randomly named drow warriors. (Who appear to be Ygellethites)

South - Three flaming skeletons.

Southwest - Three hellhounds.

West - A male thond named Prince Duroc of Doramad.

Northwest - A male human named Sunastian the holy defender, who bears holy-infused mithril equipment and has some holy powers.

Seventh floor

North - A female phaethon named Fyarra.

Northeast - The male sturmjotun Sophratius, who trains various intellectual skills.

East - Two black slaadi.

Southeast - A female drow named Ashyire the priestess of Ygelleth, who trains Ygellethites.

South - A chimera.

Southwest - A male rakshasa named Bharaun the rakshasa.

West - An androsphinx.

Northwest - A male human named Matisyahu.

Eighth floor

North - A female tuatha named Reanada the Righteous, who carries the artifact halberd Daemonicus Omega and a misty bodysuit of the skies.

Northeast - The male human Gaerie, who trains a few skills, and his imaginary fish Reverie.

East - A white-skinned female human valkyrie is here, who wields a chaos-runed sword and a blindingly shiny shield.

Southeast - A dark-green-scaled hydra is here.

South - A marilith named Xalquarae, holder of the artifact scimitar Arktakar.

Southwest - A bezhuldaar, which carries the artifact hlunthmok Skrukthmurgor and several random low value rings.

West - A male human named Rei, who is an attuned aisenshi and occasionally carries a fancy katana or rarely the artifact katana Snickersnee.

Northwest - A female human named Dame Raevyn of the Table Round.

Ninth Floor

North - A female yeti named Boudikka, who wields odd weapons in addition to being a Lightbringer.

Northeast - A male urga named Arldond, who has Hellwalker abilities and often an appropriately runed axe despite not being Attuned, and his wolf Banshee.

East - Sinister Dexter, a male human who can induct you into the Erisian Liberation Front

Southeast - A male kedeth named Qith, who will automatically boil the blood of anyone who enters the room he's in, and who has a small yet relatively high chance of carrying the artifact katana Peacemaker.

South - A male balrog named Auorrz the Balrog, and holder of the oddly large artifact scourge Ektharnor Gadel.

Southwest - The dracolich Klavromethicos, who carries the artifact orb Gaumontar Korryn.

West - A hexachelon.

Northwest - A male angel named Verchiel, who carries the artifact longsword Heavensfire.


  • Area alignment: Neutral / Neutral (excluding the creatures in the cells)
  • Guards assist: Yes
  • Nyladon Notes: basically, the creatures on the north are good, the creatures on the west are ordered, and the opposites are opposite, and the corners are mixtures.
  • The cells with adamantite doors are no-teleport. Even intangibility doesn't help. Stride doesn't work either (you will die).
End of spoiler information.


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