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Rarity: Very Rare
Plural: Satyrs
Anatomy: Hoofed Anthropoid
Sexes: Male
Harm Skills:
    Anatomy       31%
    Intimidation  20%
    Legend Lore   20%
    Animal Lore   12%
    Empathy        8%
    Torture        8%

No specific help is available for this race.

Development Information: The satyr race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Tue Mar 15 02:22:05 2016.

A crooked grin and wild glimmer in the eye of this satyr makes you wonder just what he is up to now. His torso, that of a young, human male, is partially covered in soft, brown hair which matches the wild tousle of hair which falls down from his head to just barely reach his shoulders. Small nubs of horns peek out from his forehead, pushing aside the tiny ringlets. The lower half of his body that of a goat, the hair darker and much thicker along his legs down to his cloven hooves. He has a tracery of sparkling light within and around him. He looks about seventeen dimins tall, six and seventeen twentieths dimins wide and one and seven tenths dimins long.

The Satyr is the mortal servant of Dionysius. He (Satyrs are always male) roams the countryside randomly, enjoying himself. When Dionysius calls, the Satyrs gather groups of mortals into revels, and party as prayer to their god.

Attacks with horns and other unarmed attacks. May carry clubs as weapons and will use them. May also carry drums that he will beat occasionally.

Alignment is chaotic neutral.

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