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Jurant is a rather young dwarf, with deep, blue eyes and dark, long hair,
his beard thick and lush, long enough to be braided long and elegantly.  He
has woven small trinkets through his beard, tiny beads and miniature carvings,
taking fantastic care of himself despite his situation.  He has large
shoulders even for a dwarf, these and his muscular forearms attesting to his
unusual strength.  His hands are calloused and strong indicating his
familiarity with long, hard hours of intense physical labor.  He has a few
thin wisps of surging radiance and a webwork of sparkling light within and
around him.
    He looks about twelve dimins tall, six and nine tenths dimins wide, and
one and three quarters dimins front to back.
    He is in good shape.
    He wields a steel smithing hammer in his right hand.  He wears a leather
shirt on his upper body.
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