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Sinister Dexter has a broken spirometer.


Sinister Dexter can be found in the east cell of the 9th floor of the Shadow Tower.

   a cell [w]
     This is a spartan cell with bare walls and nothing in the way of amenities.  The light cast
 through the bars of the cell door throws shifting shadows across the walls.  The area is
 reasonably well-lit.  
   A couple of willwisps and Sinister Dexter the Guerrilla Theologian are here.
   You see a straw pallet.  There is an open adamantite-barred cell door to the west.  
   The only obvious exit is west.


     This is a male human with white skin, red hair, and brown eyes.  He is scruffy-looking, his
 beard and hair dirty, wild and tangled.  It is unclear whether his broad grin denotes consistent
 amusement with his surroundings or utter lunacy.  This is Sinister Dexter, the Guerrilla
 Theologian who heads the Erisian Liberation Front.  His head is marked by a scar.  He bears a
 strange black semi-circular brand upon his chest.  
     He looks about seventeen dimins tall, five and two fifths dimins wide, and one and seven
 twentieths dimins front to back.  
     He is in good shape.  
     He wields a pair of iron pliers in his left hand and a broken red wooden spirometer in his
 right hand.  He wears a fluffy red cotton robe around his body, a pair of iron bracers on his
 arms, and a pair of cotton bunny slippers on his feet.


        If you want to join the ELF, say 'pledge me to the Erisian Liberation Front'.  If you change
 your mind, say 'remove me from the Erisian Liberation Front'.  His limbs are named head, chest,
 right arm, left arm, right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg, right foot, and left foot. 
 Sinister Dexter was created by Chaos, Fixy, and Dodger; the source code was last updated Tue Mar
 15 02:50:50 2016.  The human race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Tue
 Mar 15 02:22:10 2016.

You have to have been in the presence of a deity's avatar in order to join.

  You gurgle, "pledge me to the Erisssian Liberation Front" in murmuringly-accented Anglic.
  The white-skinned male human quietly lisps, " One must have been in the presence of the avatar of at least one deity to be competent to join the ELF. " at you in Anglic.
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