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This page is about the Elf (Danaan) race. For the Erisian Liberation Front, see ELF Guild.

Rarity: Common

   Plural: Danaan
   Anatomy: Anthropoid
   Harm Skills:
       Anatomy       31%
       Empathy       20%
       Intimidation  20%
       Politics      12%
       Law            8%
       Torture        8%

The dana race has a long and glorious history, stretching back into the mists of time farther than any other known earthly race, except perhaps for their bitter enemies, the slaan. Danaan are tall, graceful beings, noted for their agility and for the longevity which brings them lifespans stretching over a millenium and a half. The rise, decline, and fall of the mighty Altrian Empire would have fit within the span of a single dana's lifetime -- provided that dana did not perish in the foul machinations that brought about that realm's demise or in its final, fiery destruction. Danaan are not known for strength and hardiness of body, though their strong mental and magical talents seem to most adequate compensation. Their sensitive eyes are capable of a degree of nightvision, and perhaps a dana's most distinctive feature is the high points on his ears. Like many fey folk, danaan display a certain vulnerability to weapons forged of iron, though this certainly does not bar them from their use.

Danaan are generally forest-dwellers by preference, though different individuals and groups make their homes in any number of terrains. The beautiful tree-cities of such realms as Valathyr are the result of danaan talent for creating dwelling-space in harmony with nature. The apparent danaan preference in both lifestyle and philosophy tends toward lightheartedness and a will for experience of beauty. Their relations with other good-willed cultures are generally cordial, and despite their differences in outlook, they often coexist well enough with humans (some of whom call the danaan 'elves', though the more considerate use their proper name) that there is a not-insignificant populace of human-dana crossbreeds, called kiellethae.

Do not mistake danaan for a folk unwilling to fight, however; they display strong talents with the bow and sword, and many great wars have been waged by danaan nations, from the continual battles against orcs and their kin to the wars against the thondur for which many of each race still bear the other ill-will to the tragic Kinslayer War, fought between the danaan island civilization of Nibenay and a coalition of other danaan states. The latter war drove the Nibenay danaan deep into the earth, where they would one day become the people called the drow.

Most danaan speak a beautiful, lyrical language called Sperethiel, which they share with their aquatic cousins, the quessae; the drow language, Zadjalin, has drifted so far from ancient Sperethiel as to make speakers of the two mutually incomprehensible.

 /------------------------------ The Dana Race -------------------Start-------\
 | Attributes                Strength                 20 to  80     40        |
 |                           Intelligence             80 to 105     88        |
 |                           Constitution             20 to  70     36        |
 |                           Dexterity                80 to 100     87        |
 |                           Willpower                80 to 105     88        |
 |                           Charisma                 80 to 100     87        |
 |                           Perception               70 to 100     80        |
 |                           Size                     38 to  58     45        |
 | Points                                                           80        |
 | Typical Sexes                                      Male                    |
 |                                                    Female                  |
 | Languages                 Native                   Sperethiel              |
 | Innate Skills             Magick resistance        5                       |
 |                           Entropy resistance       5                       |
 | Specialty Access          Magick resistance and    available: degree IV,   |
 |                           Entropy resistance       required: degree I      |
 | Resistances               Temporal                 near-total resistance   |
 | Traits                    Assimilativity           -1                      |
 |                           Night vision             1                       |
 |                           Sentience                Anthropic               |
 |                           Speech pattern           Proper                  |
 | Cultures and Homelands    Akalish Wildling         Akalahai                |
 |                           Almerian Wildling        Almeria                 |
 |                           Freeholder               Freehold                |
 |                           Hanoman                  Hanoma                  |
 |                           Jhanite                  Jhan                    |
 |                           Losthavener              Losthaven               |
 |                           Lowlander                Halfmoon Bay            |
 |                                                    Sanctuary               |
 |                           Noldor                   Liathyr                 |
 |                           Northlander Wildling     the Northlands          |
 |                           Seelie                   Arborlon                |
 |                           Shakarian                Shakari                 |
 |                           Talantonite              Shadow Tower            |
 |                           Tenochlani Wildling      Tenochlan               |
 |                           Vanyar                   Valathyr                |
 | Physical Characteristics  Anatomy                  Anthropoid              |
 |                           Natural Weaponry         Ordinary                |
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