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Shakari is a town nestled in the mountains of the Northlands, consisting of drow, dana, and adveni. It is not a particularly large town, and while suitable as a base for aspiring adventurers, care should be taken if one attempts to cause a disturbance within, as the guards are always on watch against aggressive intruders.

            ↓                         Key
           [L]                         *  To Northlands
            ~                          ~  in/out
           [X]                         ↓  down/up
            ↓                         [L] Ledge outside cave
           [X]       [P]              [X] Hallway
            ↓         |               [T] Trading Post of Shakari
      [T]--[X]--[X]--[X]              [P] Shorn's Pub
            |         |               [H] Home
           [X]       [H]              [S] Schoolhouse
            ↓                         [R] Training room
           [X]       [H]              [E] Entrance to a townhall
            |         |               [M] Meeting room
      [S]--[X]--[X]--[X]--[H]         [W] Cave lined with writing
            ↓         |               [A] Mausoleum
           [X]       [H]              [C] Cemetery
            |                         [G] Guard room
      [R]--[X]--[X]--[X]--[X]         [J] Jail cell
                 |         |
           [W]  [X]  [J]--[G]--[J]
            |    |         |
      [A]--[M]--[E]       [J]
      [C]                             Created by Midwinter



Shakari is located at (17, 6, 0) in the Northlands (Global: (17, 168, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

Notable Attractions


  • City alignment: Neutral.
  • Guards assist: Yes, there is a guardian daemon so guards will come if anyone is attacked.
End of spoiler information.


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