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  • Location: Shakari
  • Occupation: History Teacher
  • Look
   This is a female advenus with white skin, black hair, and olive eyes.  Dazha is Shakari's history teacher. She is    
   extremely poised and graceful.  Every word she speaks is entrancing.  She looks about a tenth of a dimin tall, 
   about a twentieth of a dimin wide and less than a twentieth of a dimin long.  She is in good shape.  She wears a
   blue silk dress on her body and a pair of leather sandals on her feet.
  • Info

Dazha is an instructor and responds to the following verbal commands:

   Availability inquiry: Dazha, what do you teach?
   Cost inquiry:         Dazha, what would a lesson in <subject> cost?
   Instruction request:  Dazha, teach me <subject(s)>.
  • Trains
  • Notes
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