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Class: Scholarly Skills

Attribute: Intellect
Pedagogy: Intellectual
Practitioner Term: Scholar
The ability to learn by study.  The higher this skill, the more rapidly one will learn skills from sources such as instruction in
the scholarly mode (as opposed to physical training) and reading books.
Development Information: The scholarship skill was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last
updated Sun Jul 12 19:29:55 2009.
See Also: practice, teaching, training


  • Increases capacity for intellectual energy.


 Wandering: Lhethan Hagal
 Corna: Theralyne
 Imptropolis: Implicated *May Only Train Imps*
 Kolond: Morin
 Losthaven: Gasdghat Teaches only Skaven
 Losthaven: Miss Amelia
 Mycenae: Ijara
 Othrys: Chiron
 Ranthos: Bias
 Rukhan: Taga
 Sanctuary: Masha < 247?
 Shatterspire: Catharion <= 162
 Shakari: Shayla
 Valathyr: Lothuial
 Yathryn: Miss Chalosia
Association required:
 Crafty Linguists: Janid Suzak Wanders
 Haruspices: Jylarl
Guild required:
 Aisenshi: Musashi
 Devonshire Clerics: Thromdan
 Ordo Ignis Aeternis: Flizera
 Ordo Ignis Aeternis: Pierce wanders in Zadnothruin
 Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris: Aerina
 Zetesai: Gwale
Quest required:
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