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In the mountains north of Valathyr rises the mighty fortress of Shatterspire. Here the dracon have made a home for themselves which they fiercely defend. The daring may seek to raid Shatterspire, but be warned: every citizen is armed, and groups of angry dracon will attack aggressors on sight; most citizens speak Xhax.

If one is determined to explore Shatterspire, one will need a means of flight; the dracon did not build their keep for the flightless, and the inner city radiates from a central shaft rising high through the mountain. -- Kyrios, Lorien 18, 531


X--X   X--X    X
    \ /        |
     X         X     ~↓X
     |         |    /  |
  X--X         X   /   X
     |         |  /    |
  X--X       ~↓X↑~     X
     |      /          |
     X     /           X
     |    / 
     X   /
     |  /
    ↓X↑~  X
    ~     |
    |     X
    ~    / \
    ↑X↓-X   X--X--X
     /        X
    ~         |
      ~    |
     /     X

Map Key

↑ = Up Exit
↓ = Down Exit
~ = Connects up and down exits
E = Entrance




Shatterspire is located at (6, 9, 4) in Cimbra (Global: (6, 90, 4)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Klethka the High Priestess of Isskarazh

Notable Attractions

  • Within the tower of Shatterspire, home of the dracon, I found a curious piece of magic taking place, a circle of light from which water poured. I was most puzzled and examined the artifact, but to no avail; I couldn't figure out what the curious artifact was for... -- Aragorn Peredhil, Ysaril 2, 531


  • City alignment: Order/Good (more Order than Good).
  • Guards Assist: Yes.
  • It is a dangerous thing to be unprepared for flight in the dracon city of Shatterspire. Let me state that again: 'It is a DANGEROUS thing to be unprepared for flight in the dracon city of Shatterspire'. I, in my youth, am still unwise in all aspects of adventuring. After consuming a potion of flight, I proceded to explore this interesting city. Unwittingly, I made the mistake of not ensuring that I was still capable of flight after visiting the the teacher Catharion. This proved my undoing as I fell down the central shaft to my likely death. I pondered this mistake on the way down. Due to my training as a Aisenshi, I was able to survive the descent, though I was barely alive after impacting upon the hard stone floor. After awakening and meditating on that fall I have decided to pass this advice on to my fellow explorers: Always make sure you are in flight before entering that central shaft. -- Kaoru Kamiya, Blayhrr 20, 533
End of spoiler information.


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